Are you stuck in the victim vacuum? That place where everything good is just sucked out of your life and devoured? That negative void where nothing good can happen and only your worst fears come true? It’s time to take control and stop playing the victim.

Victims are so busy being consumed by how everything (and everyone) outside of them should change that their belief that there is anything good is completely destroyed. Choosing to be the victim is the fastest way to suck all the joy, gratitude, love, abundance…you name it out of your life.

Giving up all your power to everything external to you assures there is no solution in sight.

When you play the victim in your life, you set yourself up for more negative results. You do this by always assuming the worst. For everything good that might happen, you have a solid plan B just in case it goes really bad. And guess what? Your (bad) dreams always come true.

By always having the door open for “What if things go wrong?” or “What if it’s bad?” or “I won’t build my hopes up too much just in case”, you are practically guaranteeing it won’t turn out positive. Will Smith said it best when he said that having a plan B is the surest way to ensure you are never going to get plan A.

It’s like holding a prize horse in a pen, but leaving the gate open and being surprised when that horse just walks out the open door. If you don’t hold a super strong vision for why your life is going to go well and close the door on the negative, it’s never going to turn out right.

If you want to stop being a victim: There is no plan B.

Because when you have a backup plan, it stops you from pouring all your positive energy into your plan A. Act like there is nothing but a plan A and you are willing to die for it. Don’t give yourself an option to give up and walk out that open door, and then turn around and blame the world for your poor results.

This is basic Law of Attraction stuff. The more that you hold that vision and you absolutely in your behavior and knowing act as if things are going to happen, the more likely it is that they will turn out positive. You need to envision and affirm that plan A is going to happen every day.

Living in the negative where you give up control of your results is a very sad, desperate and depressed place to be. It’s a place that is void of love and caring, but full of blame and resentment. A place where there is no room for something good to happen because you are so focused on finding the wrong and pointing out fault.

Steps to Stop Playing the Victim

It’s time to unplug the vacuum and make room for good things to happen! Make it part of your daily routine to focus on the positive. Start your day by telling yourself (in the present tense) that good things are unfolding for you each and every day.

  1. Create a gratitude journal – At the end of every day, write down 5 things that went well and you are grateful for. Stop judging that those things need to measure up to others or be worthy of flashing lights on the strip in Vegas. Write them down and take baby steps into seeing what IS working in your life.
  2. Write out what you DO want – Start to flex your solution mind here and look at how you can begin to make small changes in the situations you aren’t happy with. This is true brainstorming where every idea is a great one! Only when you have a few written on a page can you sort out which ones might be the best for right now. And yes, they are supposed to make you uncomfortable!
  3. Use daily affirmations – Everyday, when you wake up and when you go to sleep, use these simple affirmations to help you begin to focus on what is working, feel more gratitude and take action to creating what you want.
    1. My eyes and heart are open to seeing the good in my life
    2. I have the power to take action and create change
    3. I give myself permission to speak my truth and make changes that work for me
    4. I am ready and open for love, joy and abundance

You are worth it. Your awesome is waiting.

Do you need help getting out of the victim vacuum? Or do you just need a hand mastering the Law of Attraction? Give me a call and book your coaching session today!