There’s eight sides to every story.

Your version of ‘normal’ in relationships, teen behaviour and parenting were set up years ago. Those norms operate silently from your unconscious brain; sometimes for the better and sometimes not. If you’re emotionally upset or triggered, they cloud the truth of what’s really going on, and your response to it.

Then there’s your teen’s thoughts and feelings about the situation they can’t always articulate. I was a frustrated teen who didn’t feel heard or understood and have thousands of teens who comment on my videos or message me every day. Helping translate their side of the relationship without needing to be right or wrong is my secret sauce.

Next week, I’m going a step further.

“My teen and I are no longer at war all the time. We’re enjoying time together and I’m loving it!” – Rebekah J.

Giving you personal attention to offer insight and answers is what I LOVE! I’ll be LIVE every evening to walk you through simple tools to decrease the baffling outbursts, difficult conversations and painful disconnection to build your confidence and create the connection you want with your teen.

“I joined Aly’s 5-day live group and learned so much! I have always tried to be an active parent – reading parenting books and going to counseling to help and I feel I learned more in the 5 days spent with Aly than all those combined!” – Sherry K.

Even if you have already taken the challenge via email, I promise you’ll get WAY more value LIVE with than just reading words on a page. And if you’ve taken the LIVE Challenge before, you’re more than welcome to join me again!

You’re already a great parent. Struggling makes you normal, not a failure or incompetent. There was no ‘How to Parent a Teen Without Losing Your Mind’ class in high school and communication is more than writing essays and haikus (⬅️teenagers hate those anyway).

I created my LIVE Challenge – 5 Days to a Better Relationship with Your Teen from my own trials raising two teen boys and helping parents like you for over 14 years. These proven strategies cover the most common areas of relationship breakdown, giving you powerful, yet simple tools to use right away. All resource material and videos stay up for at least 14 days so no matter your time zone or pace, you get what you need when it works for you.

The 5 Steps to a Better Relationship with Your Teen ⬇️

Day 1 – Creating relationship awareness

Remember the norms I mentioned above? When you’re in the thick of things it can be easy to lose the perspective you need to take the next best step. This is your opportunity to evaluate your relationship with your teen and decide what’s working and what’s not.

Day 2 – Identifying Negative patterns

Have you ever felt like you’re on a carousel with your teen and can’t get off? The same, negative patterns keep showing up but you can’t put your finger on how they get started in order to stop them from happening. I’ll show you how to untangle them so you step off that carousel before it gets going.

Day 3 – Rules of Engagement

If only there was a map to navigate basic communications without the stressful silence or defensive responses! I’m showing you a template for everything from making requests, giving feedback, active listening and offering encouragement so you feel heard and your teen lowers their shield.

Day 4 – Setting Reasonable Limits

Trying to find the line between firm and friends is exhausting, let alone understanding what boundaries even are, and what they’re not. In the meatiest day of the five, I’m dispelling discipline myths and showing you exactly what works, including scripts to find the balance of authority and respect.

Day 5 – Conversation Starters

Um, my teen doesn’t want to talk to me so what good are those? Trust me – by using the tools provided on the previous four days, along with these steps, you’ll be surprised at the conversations that will happen with your teen! You don’t have to wrack your already tired brain because I’m sharing 48 easy openers to get you going.

“My daughter is trying to push all her friends and family away, failing school, acting out, and talking back. It’s just not like her and it honestly blindsided me. This challenge helped calm the storm. I’m glad to know I’m not alone” – Karrah O. Parenting is hard. You don’t have to do it alone.

5 Days to a Better Relationship with Your Teen only opens about every 2 months (maybe) so don’t miss this opportunity! 

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