Whether you watched my free masterclass LIVE and are rewatching it to gather more nuggets, or you’re here to watch it for the first time, I promise you won’t want to miss a minute!

‘8 Reasons your relationship with your teen isn’t working…. and what you can do about it’ covers the tops struggles, pain points and reasons for disconnection I hear from caring parents just like you on the daily. Plus, I shared the science, insight and tools for you to quickly begin building more respect and connection with your teen.

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Phew! That’s an information packed masterclass, right? I’m so passionate about creating healthy relationships I could go on for days sharing everything I wished my parents knew, what I’ve learned as a parent, all of my training, and 16 years of empowering parents of tweens and teens. But that’s not likely what you came for.

Just tell me what to do!

You came for answers – simple, step-by-step tools you can implement now without needing another degree or hours of training. So simple you can follow specific scripts word for word (or copy and paste), get timely feedback to questions or affirmations when you’re wondering, “Am I doing it right?”, all in a safe and encouraging community without the shaming or judgement found everywhere else.

Is that even possible?

My LIVE Challenge – 5 Days to a Better Relationship With Your Teen, was created from my own trials as a mom of teen boys, ‘aunt’ to many teen girls, and years of experience as a Relationship Coach supporting families just like yours. This challenge is the fastest, simplest way to move from feeling like you’re walking on eggshells to a respectful and more connected relationship with your teen.

When you’re feeling stressed, anything new can feel hard. That’s why I’m personally walking you through simple steps and tools that will make a big difference in your relationship with your teen. Daily sessions are short and sweet, focusing on one specific area of parenting so you get the most value and impact for your time.

What other parents are saying:

"Aly this week has been amazing! Thank you sooo much for giving us tools to make things right with our teenagers."
Teresa M.
"I have learned more in the first 13 minutes of this video than I could have in a month of counselling."
Dana R. H.

Topics include:

How it works:

When: 4pmPT/7pmET on January 16th -20th, 2023 (video recordings stay in the group for 30 days so you won’t miss anything)

Where: LIVE in the private Facebook community (you’ll get the link after you register)

What: Each day’s content will be posted in the private Facebook community prior to the live sessions for you to read or download before the LIVE session (you’ll get a reminder email each day)

Who: You, me, and other caring and courageous parents experiencing similar challenges who want a more respectful and connected relationship with their teen

There’s no missing a day or getting behind! The videos and tools will be available in the private Facebook Group for 30 days, so go at your own pace. You ARE a great parent and you DO have what it takes.

Up to 5 hours of Parent Coaching with me, including downloads, worksheets and exclusive content, to create positive change from Day 1!

  • Daily LIVE, exclusive content I don’t post anywhere else (you can access for 30 days)
  • Step-by-step proven tools and scripts (or copy and paste!) 
  • Timely answers and feedback
  • Encouragement and high fives from me and a community of caring, courageous parents going through similar challenges

That's a $1250 value! Plus, this is the LAST TIME I'm offering this in a LIVE format!!

And right now, it’s only $25. You read that right. 5 days for just $25!!

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"I learned so much from this course! Game changer in our relationship with my partners two teens and the high conflict relationship with their bio mom."
Jessica W.
"I'm so grateful for this. I was at my wits end with this teen parenting thing. This has tremendously slowed and calmed me down."
Olga E.
"I'm already not walking on eggshells, already enjoying him more, thankful and empowered."
Christine G.D.