You Cant Handle Success

You say you want it, you focus all your energy on it like the books said, you are doing everything you need to do to achieve it, but success continues to be just out of reach.

You ask why.

Why is success not happening? What am I doing wrong? Why can others achieve it with so little effort and here I am struggling to move just one step closer only to take two steps back? Why me? I’m just as good as the next person!

The truth is YOU can’t handle success!

You are NOT the person you need to be to steward the success that you say you want. You are still holding onto beliefs and stories that keep you from achieving the success you so desire. Before you can succeed, you must align your beliefs and stories with what you say you want to achieve.

When you have that alignment, success starts arriving, almost effortlessly. I say “almost” because success still requires effort, but it starts to feel that way because opportunities that you didn’t necessarily chase come up because of the space you are holding and the momentum you are creating on a daily basis.

How to Set Yourself Up for Success

  • Make a list of everything you say you want. It can be in the form of a Vision Board or a Bucket List. Write it on a sticky note and paste it next to your desk. It doesn’t matter what format you choose; the point is to just get it all down so you can see it in black and white!
  • If you have a time in your life when everything was going amazingly well, write down some details about that to leverage. What were you doing for a career and personal life? What did you believe about yourself? What were you making most important and investing your time in? These are leverage points to use in getting back to what works that you may have forgotten.
  • Now look at your list and ask yourself who you would have to be in order to achieve each one of those goals. Be specific. So, for example, if one of your goals is financial abundance, who would you have to be in order to achieve that goal? How do you think differently compared to those who have already achieved great wealth?

What comes up with this exercise is all the negative beliefs and stories that are holding you back. Even though you wish for financial freedom, you have this overriding belief that you are bad with money or your parents taught you that people with money were selfish.

Write down very specific stories about each of your goals. Who would you need to become for it be true? What is it about those who have already achieved that goal that makes them successful? Are there conflicting priorities in your stories that are holding you back?

Getting to the bottom of your belief systems enables you to identify where you need to change or shift your beliefs, but it also helps you see where you need to rethink your strategy for achieving that success in situations where two goals are in opposition to each other.

This is all part of the personal growth that you as a leader need to do. Knowing what beliefs are in the way of your success will help you move past them and get to that place where success feels effortless.

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