When I am supporting organizations and individuals to create a vision and plan for the future, it is very common for them to give me a big story of what is probable. That story is based on historic data and outside factors at play, and mired in the many limiting beliefs they currently hold about their results over time.  I think most everyone aims for what is probable, and that quite frankly is aiming for average and playing small.

I am passionate about aiming for awesome and what is possible! That is the result over time that requires you do think, be and do differently than you have before.  The result that requires you to challenge and break through your limiting beliefs and be the organization and leader you currently do not see or think is possible.

The difference between what is probable and what is possible is significant. Over 100% different in many cases and it is crucial that you understand that.  In my coaching, I work in what is possible and creating awesome results associated with that.  If you are curious about what is possible for you and your organization, I would love to take that journey with you.

Comment below and let me know about your experience of working in the probable or possible. I would love to hear your experience of both.