I’m so frustrated by the amount of emotional pain and trauma in the world. Have you looked at Facebook lately and seen how that’s playing out?? Hatred, offense, fear, closed-mindedness and so much more.

Hearing people spread their unhealed pain around on the daily that ties directly back to dysfunctional family relationships makes me want to scream! I want to shut down all procreation and parenting without explicit permission.

Parenting in a Dystopian future.

Year #1 – You’re in therapy to help heal all of your generational past pain and trauma.

Year #2 – You get a puppy. You get to be up at all hours of the night and figure out how to take care of and love that puppy while continuing any therapy and personal development.

Year #3 – You’re supervised while volunteering with young children to see how you interact with them and how you encourage them while continuing personal growth that year.

Year #4 – You’re part of parenting education groups to deepen your learning. You’re evaluated and only then can apply to be a parent.

Child abuse (not just the horrific acts you might be imagining!) affects at least one in three children. And in Canada alone it costs $23 billion per year for all support services involved. Can you imagine if we could end the generational trauma with this four-year process?

Broken people create more broken people.

You’re not lacking intelligence, bad or intentionally evil; it’s how our brains work. Your brain recreates familiar patterns to feel safe, even when those patterns hurt. Your patterns may be conscious or unconscious, minor, or major. We all have them.

Growing up feeling unloved, unsafe, not good enough, etc. isn’t OK.

Studies show that children who grow up feeling disconnected from their parents and having the emotional experiences above are far more likely to experiment with drugs/alcohol, score poorly in school, begin dating very young, take part in risky sexual behaviour, struggle with confidence, and more. I promise you healing is possible. I spent 20 years tenaciously pursuing healing and freedom to STOP THE LEGACY of pain in my children.

My purpose is empowering families to heal their pain and grow relational awareness through world-class, transformational programs that impact generations.

I spent 20 years tenaciously pursuing healing and freedom to STOP THE LEGACY of pain in my children and I promise you it’s possible.

I’ve helped hundreds of parents shed past pain and trauma that has directly impacted their relationships with their children.

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You’re not alone. Let’s do this together!