I’m back!! I have been gone from my blog for a while in a self-induced work comma. I got so busy in the business of doing business that I lost myself and literally could not put two thoughts together in a sentence, let alone cook or handle the house. In all that came the negative self-talk about how I could not possibly write a blog about being a messy, broken person with faults and flaws. Oh no, that is not inspiring at all! Maybe not, but it is real life.

I had lost sight and gotten out of touch, and feel, with my vision. People cannot fully live without a vision. You know, that fire in your spirit that has you operate in laser-like focus on a single intention and not take No for answer? The feeling that is similar to infatuation where you seem to be able to go long periods without food or sleep? That vision.

I got way to caught up in the small things and created a bit of a monster for myself. Apparently it was an unsustainable monster where I crashed after trying to tame it and control it. I see how I was letting everything run me and once again forgot the key piece about creating a vision, I am at choice. I choose where to spend my time and on what. I am feeling much better now and back in the saddle making some changes.

I now hold a vision for each day and set intentions rather than have a list and hope it all gets done. Or worse yet, have an inflexible plan so that if life derails my plan, I am grumpy for days. I am prioritizing and setting better boundaries around the ever-intrusive e-mails. All this is part of holding my greater, life-long vision – one of being a sought after relationship coach/expert, author and public speaker.

Visions die with out people. My vision was dying because I lost track of it somewhere in the pile of paper in my office. Despite having my vision board in plain view, that was not enough. I am visual, imagination person. I need to close my eyes and visualize it all in 3D to have it feel real to me. That is how I hold my vision and I will do it daily now. What method works best for you?

What vision are you a part of that needs you, is calling you to help it live? Vision is vital. It is the spice of life. What do you need to do get in touch with your vision for your life? Now is the time, so get on it! This is not about doing more; it is about being excited and intentional about what you are doing. Every great thing was accomplished one step at a time. If a leap feels overwhelming, either get support or choose to take a small step.

Vision is vital for life. People die with out a vision, and vision die with out people.