Aly Pain gets transparent about her own transition process having just moved west to British Columbia. Transition can be challenging and the more you let people in on what is really going on for you, the more people are willing to be patient and excited about your process. This doesn’t mean having to tell every detail about everything, just enough that is appropriate for the listener to know and to get a window into what life is like for you in this moment of time. Sharing in this way takes courage, and it is imperative and worth it.

Transparency serves to grow you (as in the courage it takes to share), the relationship with the person you are sharing with and the listener themselves. People want to help me and support you. It is easier for them to do that the more they know about you. I will continue to share through this big transition for me, my family and my business. My hope is you will challenge yourself and be more transparent about things going on for you. Go boldly!