Does cooking a turkey dinner scare you like it does me? Apparently, whoever set these new restrictions not to leave my house and connect with family for Christmas dinner didn’t consider this.

It’s the turkey factor.

Christmas isn’t Christmas without turkey dinner, right? Truth be told I’ve never made a turkey dinner and using an oven for that many dishes that all need to be ready at the same time boggles my brain. It’s not even my favourite meal. You want a Thai coconut curry veggie dish, Korean beef BBQ or sushi dinner? I’m your gal. When it comes to turkey, I’m more of a ‘great kitchen helper with the Santa apron and elf hat on’ kinda gal.

My basic rule of thumb is anything that takes 4x longer to cook and clean up than it did to eat isn’t in my repertoire; and I love and support you turkey dinner zealots. In fact, I used to beg my mom not to make turkey dinner and would relentlessly tell her I could be grateful to my core and celebrate over a slice of pizza or plate of Chinese food.

Traditions are what you make them.

As an adult (or retired teen/imposter adult) my family makes homemade pizza and ice cream sundaes on Christmas eve. It’s my way of rebelling against the turkey dinner while still letting my family and in-laws (who all rock the turkey dinner) have their night of tradition.

What about the presents?

My husband and I fill stockings before going to bed, making sure we Ho-Ho-Ho through the process. At the crack of 7:01am on Christmas morning, the boys come in our room and dog pile on our bed in bursts of laughter and excited squeals. It hurts more now they weigh more than me, and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

After a quick breakfast, the gifts are opened in measured turns to slow the process and appreciate what was thoughtfully given. Later in the afternoon, packaging is sorted into reusable bags and recycling as silence sets in while we read, learn, use, and enjoy what we’ve been given.

You are one of my greatest gifts. 

This year has been incredibly challenging. Returning to my passion of empowering parents to build healthy relationships with their teens and getting to connect with you is one of my greatest Blessings.

Thank-you to all of you who’ve stuck with me over the years, continue to read these newsletters, like and comment on my social posts, and refer me to others in your network. Thank-you to those of you who’ve recently joined me on this journey, and the hundreds who’ve taken my 5 Day Challenge and watched my webinar.

I want to help.

I understand first-hand what it was like to grow up a troubled teen acting out and not knowing how to ask for what I need, and as a Mom I know how challenging raising teens can be. There’s no greater pain than feeling disconnected from your teen and in spite of your best efforts you can’t seem to reach them. Join my FREE masterclass below and learn how to transform your moody, hormonal teen into a compliant, respectful human without the daily nagging or punishments.

Merry Christmas my friends. Stay safe and stay connected!