Here are some of my top tips for hugging your teen.

Some of your teens will love it. Some are a little more hesitant, either way, don’t take it personally.

Don’t run after them. Like an octopus. Just keep an open arm invitation.

When you hug, don’t talk.

Hug them, even when it seems like they don’t want to.

Hugging increases oxytocin in the brain. It lowers cortisol. It increases our immunity within our whole body. And it balances a lot of our brain for our important mental health.

Here’s the number one thing you need to remember! Never end the hug first. Always let them decide when it’s over.

Hug your teens and hug them often.

In spite of their defensive and tough front, or sullen withdrawal, they need a safe place to BE. A place they feel unconditionally loved and welcome without needing an explanation for anything. That place is a hug.

Watch the TikTok video below.

Whether hugging is your thing or not, it’s a free and powerful connection tool with your teens. Find a frequency that feels respectful to your family and make it a habit. I promise you’ll notice a positive impact.

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