As the sun comes out and the temperatures warm, it can be challenging to stay focused on work. This is the crucial time to accomplish the goals you set out for Q3 and not loose momentum heading into the fall.

1) Create your daily task list, based on getting those goals completed.

2) Make your list reasonable so you have time to leave your desk earlier on the best days and enjoy the summer.

3) Have a list of leisure time as well so you strike a balance between summer loving and keeping your business moving forward.

Sabotaging yourself over the summer is way too easy to do without following the three keys above. If you work really hard but don’t make time for yourself, you are likely to hit the fall resentful and exhausted. If you spend all your time on the beach, your business will suffer and your Q4 will be way behind. How do you balance your business over the summer?

What are some pitfall you noticed and have managed to avoid? Leave a comment below and let me know. If you are looking for some help with your Q3 and setting up a winning balance, call me to set up a free consultation.