I wanted to share with you the epiphany I had while watching a movie with out kids.  The point of purpose.  I work with organization and individuals to help them identity their purpose all the time.  It just became so simple to me in watching the movie and watching it unfold in animation. I think purpose is an overused word that is thrown around a lot and yet few people really understand what it is and why is it is so incredibly empowering to know your personal purpose, and that of your organization.  Purpose is a philosophical stance that comes from within you.  Your ‘WHY?” When people get behind a purpose, the infusion of energy and enthusiasm is incredible and contagious.  Strategy and tactics are great, but without a clearly defined purpose to fuel and support them, they will fizzle out. Great cultures are built on clear purpose.  It is the foundation of any culture that scents the room like a great perfume and leaves a lasting impression without saying much at all.  It is the secret sauce that creates the ‘do what is takes’ workplaces people want to be part of long term. Sounds airy-fairy, I know, and it is priceless to define.  What’s your purpose? Check out AlyPain.com for more great information.