Aly Pain share about the possibilities available in the Land of And, and how stuck and limiting OR can be.  The land of OR is often when we feel trapped between two or more life decisions and we want all of them but have made up that for some reason or another, it is impossible to have them all.  Stopped in our tracks and feeling hopeless, our confidence fades and comfort zone shrinks. This is very common mindset and one to be wary of, because you can shift it!Welcome to the Land of And.  This is where many opportunities and experiences can happen at once!  The Land of And is open to everyone, if you are willing.  It requires the most of you, innovative and creative, working relationships and negotiating great agreements.  This is the place where most people will tell you you can not go, because they have never found it. The Land of And is waiting for you.  Write down what you want and set about a plan to create all of it, no matter what!