Are you a yo-yo business that spends money and invests in people when times are good and customers are plentiful, only to put a complete hault on all of that when business slows and the income goes down?

This knee jerk reaction is a reflection of short term visioning and lack mentality that will get you no where. I see this often and given that coaching is one of the first things that gets cut, it feels really frustrating

Spending money when you don’t see more coming in?! That’s crazy!! It may also feel irresponsible. If you don’t have it to spend, use other ways like books and videos with structured group conversations. If you are a more established business and you know you can ride this low time out, set a budget with priorities and get on it knowing there is more prosperity coming.

Spending when the money is not coming in as you would like it too might seem counterintuitive, I get it. And this is exactly what needs to happen to change your organizations market share when the money is flowing again. When times are slow, most employees have more time to focus on team and leadership initiatives. The BEST time to align and strengthen your team is when business is slow. The BEST time to identify and raise up leaders is when business is slow. It is the BEXT time to assess or tweak the company vision, goals and objectives to stay current with the needs of your customers. Why?

Because when business picks up again, you will be poised with the best infrastructure and the best people to execute a vision. This is the game changing opportunity that other businesses in your space will miss and be back at square one while you charge ahead. You move ahead with the right people, strong leaders, succession plans and a clear direction that is ahead of the curve.