10 Strategies For Conquering Summer School

Despite your best efforts to get your teen up and off to school on time, complete and hand in assignments, they failed a course (or two, or three…). It’s like they stopped caring, got lazy, and gave up! Now your teen is starting summer school and already seeing the pattern that’s going to create more […]

6 Tips to Survive Family Vacation with Your Teen

You’ve worked hard for this vacation and are so looking forward to some time away from the stress and monotony of your regular routine. Especially after more than a year of many and ever-changing pandemic restrictions. Unfortunately, not everyone feels the same enthusiasm as you do. Your teen is grumpy because they’d rather do nothing, […]

Boundaries – They are not what you think

Your parents didn’t know what we know now about psychology, brain development, relationship skills and emotional intelligence. They learned to parent from a model based on military regimes and did they best they could within it and in spite of it, as did you. The truth is that style of parenting creates insecurity, anxiety, codependence, […]

This is not a hotel

When your teen went away to college, they took a little piece of your heart with them and you weren’t sure you’d make it through the first year. That’s how I felt. Your home seemed oddly quiet and their quirky, sometimes annoying habits now felt endearing. You missed their voice and weird sayings, seeing their […]

Is coparenting giving your teen whiplash?

This isn’t something I’ve walked through personally, and I won’t pretend or claim to know the challenges stacked on top of parenting teens. I’ve walked through this with a dozen close friends, and I want to share some of what worked. You didn’t begin your marriage planning for it to end, or believing you’d be […]

Prom, parties and an emergency plan

Your teen asks to go out with friends, so naturally you mine for basic details to make sure you’re on the same page. Although, they tolerate your annoying need for seemingly unimportant information, they share what they know (along with a few eye rolls) just to escape the house. That’s all good and well for […]