Two Secrets to Getting Your Teen to do What You Asked

How to end the nagging and reminding with your teen

When your teenager was young, they were a great listener. They valued your input and experience and even did as you asked (most days). Now, it’s like everything you say goes in one ear and out the other.  Nagging Never Works… Nagging and reminding your teen about every little thing is exhausting and your teen […]

Why Are You Always So Negative

Your once relatively happy, kind, friendly kid has suddenly morphed into a crotchety teen (AKA Debbie downer, moody Judy or negative Neil). Now you’re finding their moods are starting to affect you and you’re getting sucked into the vortex. “All we need is a Little Patience” – Guns & Roses First things first, I’ve got […]

Teaching Your Teen Self Care

You want your teenager to understand that when they stay up all night, they’ll be tired the next day and lack focus, or that eating junk food will affect their mood. Your first instinct has been to nag them into better habits…you’ve tried pestering and dropping hints but nothing is changing. Now what? How can […]

Nothing Good Happens After Midnight

Here’s what the curfew conversation sounded like in my childhood around 16yo. Remember, there were no cell phones for texting or tracking. Parents: “Where are you going?” Me: “We’re all meeting at Jackie’s then hanging out.” Parents: “Doing what?” Me: “Hanging out! Just sitting around and talking.” Parents: “Ok, well, be home by 11:30pm.” Me: […]