Are you in it to win it?

“I don’t want to do it your way!” “Just because you didn’t grow up with (fill in the blank) doesn’t make it wrong!” “Why can’t you just love me for who I am?” Insert your whatever else your throws out that has your body tense and prepare for what’s coming next. Arguing helps your teen […]

Does your teenager argue EVERYTHING?

Unsure if you should bite, or what to say, you feel yourself going into defensive/offensive mode as your brain engages its fight or flight response. No matter what option you chose, you’re down a rabbit hole in an argument so fast you don’t even know what hit you. You’re in a negative cycle of power […]

10 Ways to Boost Your Teen’s Confidence

Your teen isn’t light and happy anymore. Whether your teen is riding the new emotional rollercoaster as a typical teenager, feeling low and going through a bit of a rough patch, or you’re watching them go dark and getting worried. Sometimes you know why – a change in schools, a change to online schooling, a […]