I caught my boyfriend cheating on me

It was my first serious relationship at 15 in 10th grade with a boy I met a few years prior through my sister. Laughter and was our thing. We laughed until we couldn’t breathe about silly things and I was intoxicated; feeling accepted, loved and free to talk about anything and everything. Sure, we partied […]

This is all YOUR fault!

Have you heard this? “I hate you!” “If you loved me this wouldn’t happen!” When your teenager lashes out because all their problems and pain are your fault and now you’ve ruined their life, it’s heartbreaking. Ouch. It’s like stabbing a knife in your heart, twisting it around, ripping it out, and then driving over […]

I’m Worried My Teen is Anti-Social

Are you wondering what you did wrong? You’re asking all the right questions but you barely get one word answers, and your teen just wants to be alone in their room all the time. It’s hard not to take it personally after a while. Even though your child was reserved when they were young, at […]