Calling ALL parents of teens who want less defensive blow ups, moody silences, or ‘I don’t know‘, and more genuine CONNECTION

A 2-day workshop supporting parents of teens to go from frustration, resentment and rejection to calm, confident and more connected to your teen.

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September 8th – 9th, 2023

When you brought your baby home, you never planned on having a teenager…

Remember your child’s first smile, their first steps, when you could make them laugh and kiss everything better?

They were happy, smiley, loved hugs and spending time with you. Your child was compliant, appreciated your direction and openly shared their thoughts and feelings.

After a decade of parenting your child you thought you had it in the bag. Now you have a teen and everything changed overnight. 

Here's what I'm talking about:

You barely got 8 hours of training on how to get that child into the world, let alone keep them alive for 30 days. 

Now that hormones have hijacked your teenager's brain, using more of what you know won't work.

The stiffer consequences and punishments to shut down their rude attitude and back talk only creates MORE defiance. Plus the daily nagging, reminding, and motivating to get your teen to do what you ask or care about ANYTHING only exhausts YOU!

And that’s when you start questioning yourself or blaming your teen.

Are you feeling this? ☝🏻

You’re not alone! EVERY parent hits this point when their teenager changes and because there’s no “What to Expect When You’re Raising a Teen”, you’re left with all these questions:

  • Why does this feel so heartbreaking? We used to be so close.
  • Why did no one tell me this stage would be so hard?
  • Why is my teen so entitled, disrespectful and lazy?
  • Why is my teen a self-absorbed, phone-addicted monster?
  • How do I get my ungrateful, moody teenager to do what I asked?
  • I can never do anything right in their eyes. They’re always angry and it hurts.
  • Why does my teen spend all their time in their room or with friends?
  • Why has my teen shutdown and stopped communicating?

Answers to these questions AREN’T easy to find…

Especially in this social media era when asking for help puts you at risk of judgement and shame for being less than the picture perfect parent. FINDING the right answers for your situations feels IMPOSSIBLE. Well that’s about to change…

Because you CAN get your relationship with your teen back on track in these TWO DAYS!

Look, we all know how important the teen years are but pretending this is as good as it gets isn’t helping either of you. 

Wouldn’t you RATHER have day-to-day connection with mutual respect, and open, honest conversations?

Join me, and 150(ish) other caring, courageous (and probably exhausted) parents of teens, for this in-person, 2-day workshop you 100% NEED to create the relationship you want. 

A 2-day, judgement free, confidence building, and AFFIRMING workshop for parents of teens who NEED a moment of PEACE to create powerful clarity around their relationship with their teen!

You know when you finally get a moment to sit in your favorite chair, with your favorite hot cuppa, and actually read the stack of parenting books on your nightstand or listen to the hours of podcasts you have saved on your phone? 

This workshop is kinda like that.
(And WAY more fun without feeling like a researcher.)




Parents of teens who need some space, quiet and clarity (plus a healthy dose of encouragement because we’ve survived this far and deserve to be celebrated!)


This is NOT me talking and you listening until your eyes are rolling back in your head and you can’t take anymore!

Learning doesn’t come by LISTENING to a bunch of stuff unless there’s also space to talk it through and try it. 

RELATE is about GIVING you space to ask questions, hear from other parents, watch live demonstrations and get specific, personalized answers to APPLY the content to your situation. 

Imagine taking the time to evaluate your relationship with your teen in a safe space, be honest about what’s working and what’s not, and get step-by-step exercises to feel CALMER and CLEARER over 2 days. 

During the workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to volunteer and talk through your specific challenges with me, using my proven framework so you leave feeling more confident and equipped to connect with your teen, even in these challenging adolescent years.

Oh, and every moment of this interactive workshop will be recorded so you don’t miss any nuggets and can listen anytime after to hear the exact words and phrases used to relate to your teen’s brain.


Join me at the beautiful, upscale Cardel Theatre for an intimate, two-day workshop.

Located in stunning Calgary, Alberta, Canada at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. The crisp, fall air will be filled with insights and clarity!

No filter necessary.


Thursday, September 7th – VIP Evening with Aly from 7pm to 9pm

  • Limited to 20 people
  • More casual Q&A conversation for those who want personalized answers in a smaller group
  • Includes non-alcoholic beverages and appetizers
  • Get reserved seating in the theatre for the duration of the workshop

Friday, September 8th & Saturday, September 9th, 2023 from 9am to 4:30pm both days.

Topics will include...
  • Parenting styles and generational beliefs – before you know where you are going, you have to figure out what got you here
  • Improving communication – saying what you need without yelling or nagging so you both feel heard
  • Identifying negative patterns – knowing how to stop them before they take over and derail your efforts
  • Setting reasonable limits – building respect with boundaries and consequences that create lasting behaviour change
  • Conversation starters – creating a meaningful connection with your teen by opening easy conversations
  • Creating relationship awareness – deciding your next step with clarity within a consistent plan

Your journey in a nutshell:
Perspective ➡️ Practice ➡️ Prepared

Are you ready to Relate?

Walk away from this workshop with the following:


A substitute for therapy, although you’ll end up feeling better than after your previous therapy session, with more lasting results. 

A networking session or a venue to gather prospects to grow your business.

❌ A lecture or pep rally where you walk away with zero tools or a 3 ring binder you have to decipher before you can even start using the information.

A treatment plan for adolescent substance use, although many of the underlying emotions are addressed.


The Relate LIVE Workshop is a life-changing, two-day event to go from feeling defeated and giving up to hopeful and more confident in your parenting (those are past participants’ words, not mine)

I intentionally created  this from my own trials as a mom of teen boys, ‘aunt’ to many teen girls, and 16 years experience as a Relationship Coach supporting parents of teens, just like you. This workshop is the fastest, simplest way to move from feeling like you’re walking on eggshells to a respectful and more connected and respectful relationship with your teen.

I want you to gain perspective and put it into practice so you walk out the door empowered to parent in a way that truly feels good to you (no doormats or brick walls).


Parenting is an immersive experience. Parenting teens is like running a Spartan race with no training. 

It’s really hard to stay patient and engaged when you’re constantly on the receiving end of your teen’s rude backtalk, getting your head bitten off or being shut out with the silent treatment.

With all of the commitments and expectations on your plate, it feels almost impossible to pause and take a moment to evaluate what’s working and what’s not, let alone find the mental space to create change.

And how would you know where to start? There’s no training for this anyway!

And can we talk about parent shaming?! The last thing you’re going to do is share what’s really going on with a bunch of judgey, Instagram perfect parents who are more than ready to point out everything you’re doing wrong and how you’re OBVIOUSLY failing.

So let’s STOP and give yourself a LITTLE CREDIT for getting this far – as you regroup and move forward.


VIP Evening with Aly (add this option to your event ticket at checkout)

  • More casual Q&A conversation for parents who want personalized answers in a smaller group (20 people max)
  • Includes non-alcoholic beverages and appetizers
  • Get reserved seating for the duration of the workshop

The LIVE Event

  • 2 in-person days covering five specific topics that create the most frustration and disconnection in the teen years, with step-by-step proven tools to turn things around
  • Live demonstrations to work through your challenges and get solutions you can use right away
  • Question and answer periods to apply the content to your situation
  • Personal parenting journal with exercises and worksheets to get the most from the workshop
  • 24/7 lifetime access to video recordings of the entire workshop
  • A comfy reading corner with my favorite parenting books
  • Get exclusive access to my signature program with savings and bonuses not available anywhere else
  • A community of caring, courageous parents going through similar challenges so you feel less alone and more encouraged
  • Beverages and healthy snacks provided during morning and afternoon breaks
  • FREE parking on both days

Total value: $5000
Total investment: $597 (be one of the first 50 people and save $200

*Sales are final. No refunds or exchanges. Tickets are fully transferable at the stated sale price*

Your teen desperately wants you to RELATE… 

And this is the PROVEN way to do that

I’m going to be REAL with you...

Although the sleepless, baby years weren’t a cakewalk, I was doing fairly well in raising my children for the first 10 years. I’d hit my stride and was like, “I’m good, I got this.” 

Then the tween and teen years hit (plus my oldest with ADHD/ASD) and I felt COMPLETELY unprepared and blindsided!

Puberty stole my sweet kids and exchanged them for moody, defiant strangers!

It’s like all my efforts to raise good humans and master my parenting skills went out the window.

Why does no one tell you this is going to happen? 

And then you’re feeling lost, heartbroken or at your wits end, with NO time to stop, shift gears, or even know where to start!

I know it’s easy to say, “This is just a phase, they’ll grow out of it.”  But you know – deep down – that’s not necessarily true.

Your teen will be leaving home in a few years so why leave your relationship up to chance? By making specific changes now, you’ll feel empowered to whether their storms today, AND have a solid foundation for the future. Because you won’t wake up one morning and find your teen MAGICALLY transformed like your phone gets a software update.

The truth is, nothing changes until you change.

Why not take 2 days to create the relationship you want?

Which is… say it with me… CLARITY (aka sanity).

Even if you think ‘it’s not that bad’, or you’re ok to ‘just push through’, there’s still room to learn and grow in a safe space while building confidence about the next right step with your teen.

So I hope you’ll join a group of caring, courageous parents and me for this transformational experience.

I’d love to empower and CELEBRATE you there!

Talk Soon,

There’s a reason you’ve found this page.

You know what you want.

Now all you have to do is act.

Have questions?
Great. I’ve got answers.

This in-person program is based on my online challenge – 5 Days to a Better Relationship with Your Teen. Although the topics are the same, the content within each topic is covered in much greater depth with time for questions and live demonstrations to better understand the application of tools to your personal situation.

What if I’ve already taken your 5 Day Challenge on Facebook?

The online Challenge provides proven tools to create positive change in your relationship with your teen without access to ask in depth questions. The last LIVE 5 Day Challenge was hosted in January, 2023, and all future online Challenges will have pre-recorded lesson content. Access to the videos and downloads ends after 30 days.


RELATE is an in-person, experiential program that provides far more depth on each topic spread over two days in a safe community of parents just like you. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and watch live demonstrations, increasing your insights and learning, plus the option of lifetime access to the recordings for the entire workshop.

What does the VIP option include?

The VIP Evening with Aly is a small group (20 people max), casual Q&A for parents who want personalized answers to their specific challenges. It happens in the Cardel Theatre Lobby on Thursday from 7pm-9pm and includes non-alcoholic beverages and appetizers (add this to your event ticket at checkout).

Is lunch included?

We’ve decided that having a full belly of yummy food that lasts a few hours isn’t worth passing on the astronomical costs of catering.

Lunch breaks will be 1.5hrs both days and with numerous, quality restaurants just across the street (including GF options) you won’t have to get in your car or find expensive parking to enjoy a great meal.

You’re welcome to pick up your food and eat in the theatre lobby as well.

After you get your event ticket, we’ll share a list of restaurants to check out menus.

Is parking available?

Yes, and it’s FREE! No parking passes or apps, just park in the theatre parking lot and you’re good to go for both days of RELATE.

What’s the refund policy?

The RELATE event and VIP tickets are non-refundable. Our location and the AV company requires a deposit well in advance, so once we’re locked in, we’re locked in! However, if you can’t make the event and want to resell your ticket for the listed price, please do so.

What if I’m coming from out of town?

YAY!! I’m so excited you’re making time for you to get away and be part of RELATE! The Calgary International Airport (YYC) is easily accessible from anywhere in the world and is approximately 30 minutes from the theatre. You’ll be responsible for your transportation and car rentals from all major brands are available at the airport.


The Cardel Theatre is located at 180 Quarry Park Blvd SE, Calgary, AB, T2C 3G3.


There’s plenty of hotels within a 15 minute drive from the theatre (none within walking distance) so you won’t be spending your time stuck in a car on a commute. We’ll share a list of recommendations in your welcome email after you purchase your ticket.

When will I get the program recordings?

Lifetime recording access is available when you add this option to your event ticket at checkout.

Due to the length of the recordings and size of high quality files, it will take at least 14 days to have them ready to share. We’ve already asked for RUSH service so they’re a top priority. You’ll be notified by email as soon as we have them ready, along with instructions on how to set up a login for online access.

How do I make sure Aly gets my questions?

The best way is to add the VIP option to your event ticket! Aside from that, practice raising your hand enthusiastically now (careful not to hit anyone) and be ready to stand up and speak when we open each Q&A session.

Alternatively, you can also volunteer for the live demonstrations to work through specific challenges and apply my proven tools (not every volunteer will be chosen).

Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee because if we made time for all 150 parents to ask questions, RELATE would be 10 days long!  

If I attend RELATE, do I have to participate in live demonstrations?

Nope, you do you. Asking questions during the Q&A sessions or volunteering to be part of the live demonstrations is totally optional and I respect your choice either way.

Is there a discount for two parents attending?

I totally get this thinking, and unfortunately due to facility and AV costs, that’s a no. Get your tickets early and save, and add lifetime access to session recordings so even if one parent attends, you can share the powerful content later.

Have any other questions? Feel free to reach out to me at