I am sharing my personal experience of being in The Dip, that place between point A and point B where the results are not yet reflecting a change in mind set and behaviours, in spite of really hard work. This is the place where fatigue almost always shows up and unless you are properly armed, you quit.

The red flag that I was in the dip was feeling enormously exhausted. Even those activities that I used to recharged and refill myself felt like all the other tasks – tiring. The first place to look is at perspective. Science has proven that the belief you hold about anything has a strong influence in creating your reality and experience of it. My perspective was that this journey between point A and point B was that it was going to be hard. I was going to have to work very hard to get there. And guess what? That was exactly how it was feeling and creating the fatigue.

We are often right about our beliefs as our reality manifests around them. I decided to look at that belief of ‘it has to be hard’ and shift it to something more workable. Saying the journey was going to be easy felt like too much of a flip and not believable to my tired mind. I landed on the belief that this journey was going to be exciting! That meant sometimes it might feel hard and sometimes it might feel easy but at least it was going to be exciting knowing I am in the process of creating my dream.

My mind was still racing with all the things that needed to get done and I realized my daily task list was not current with the pace that things were happening. I took an hour and got everything running around in my mind written down. Taxing your short term memory is very draining on the adrenal glands and can make it difficult to sleep because your brain won’t shut off. The last thing I realized was that I was driving myself in a very disciplined and militant way in my mind, which was not really motivating in a tired and overwhelmed place.

I needed to slow down to a more realistic pace and love myself through the process. Breathing deeply and consciously throughout the day has huge positive benefits not the mind and body. Maintain and healthy diet with less emotional eating, get as much sleep as possible and exercise regularly are all ways that I love myself through a dip. I will get through this dip fast and with a much more positive experience of it this way. If you don’t like what you are doing, look at the beliefs you have about it? When you shift your beliefs you will be amazed and your energy level and experience of anything, because perspective is everything.

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