This weekend is the mass marketing of love; the concept, the verb, the noun, and all the ways you should be and do to find, have and keep more love. And if you spend more, you’ll get more. At least that’s the message and I don’t subscribe to it. I think there is something far more lasting and powerful that is FREE, doesn’t add pounds or calories, and won’t hurt your wallet.

Thank you.

Just two words that when delivered in a meaningful way will mean more and go further than any dying bouquet of roses or once in a lifetime trip with diamonds.

Thank you is available in every moment and does more to consistently build positivity and resilience in all relationships, yet we are looking for the big-ticket item that lasts for a moment to do it all. The gift or gesture that says, “Forgive all my wrongs and turn a blind eye to all my mistakes (both of which I’ll continue to do) because of this over-the-top, grandiose thing.

I want to thank you, too. Thank you for opening and reading my blogs, and watching my videos. Thank you for posting comments and sending me private messages to let me know you feel seen and heard, and moved to action. Thank you for sharing my newsletters and blogs on your social media channels. Thank you for referring me as a speaker for events and a coach within your circle – the greatest compliment.

This weekend (before you leave the office on Friday), I challenge you to hand write three thank you notes to someone in your office, on your team, or in your family. They only take two minutes each to point out one specific attitude or behavior you are grateful that person displayed that positively affected you. Maybe they do it naturally without thinking and maybe it’s expected as part of their role and yet without it, your experience would be dramatically different.

Write those on a sticky note or printer paper, whatever you have. No excuses for having to go to the card store before you can start (although if you have time, that’s even better). Want to notch it up? Say your thank you in person, and follow it up with the card. Look that amazing person in the eye and mean it.

Monetary gifts of gratitude are nice, absolutely! Texts and e-mails matter, for sure. This time, take it one step further by making it human, hand written and in-person. Be the leader that your people want to follow, and enjoy the by product of gratitude running through your veins.

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