There you are, going about your life, and it shows up. That mean and nasty inner voice shows up to tell you how crappy you are and make sure you don’t go trying to prove any differently! Not really motivating to create change, is it?

And what about all those success stories of over ambitious people in the world who have overcome so much and created amazing things? Did they have some kind of surgery to remove that inner critic voice? Nope. They just learned how to talk back.

That’s right. Those people have learned that no amount of resolve, determination or focus will eradicate that voice that wants to keep you and your confidence level small. They have learned to talk back some big smack and yell and be louder in positive and affirming and even angry ways. And they have learned that when they do it enough and prove the critic wrong and make themselves right, that voice starts to diminish. It’s shouts become whispers and it’s taunts have less sting.

You can overcome your inner critic voice too. You can be bigger than it and create your dreams. No matter how David you are feeling to that Goliath voice, you can do it. Time to gear up and talk back, just like your mamma told you never to do or she would wash your mouth out with soap. Just like that, every day, and you too will win.

What is your experiece with your inner critic voice? How has it stopped you and kept you small? Have you ‘shut it down’ and overcome? Leave a comment on my blog, I’d love to hear from you.  If you are looking for a bad-ass coach to help tackle your inner critic, call me now and let’s get started!