How to motivate teens to do chores

What if you could get your teen to do chores WITHOUT nagging and reminding?

How hard is it to take out the trash, empty the dishwasher, or bring dirty dishes back to the kitchen??!! 😖😤

You’re just trying to raise a respectful human who understands how to take responsibility for their environment and think about something other than themselves (or technology), yet your simple requests are either completely ignored or get eye rolls and ‘whatever’. When the task isn’t done you start the reminders until you lose your sh*t and you’re in a full-blown argument just to get your teen to take you seriously.

You’re feeling equally guilty for yelling and full of frustration and resentment because if your teen would just do what you asked you wouldn’t reach DEFCON  5. Now you’re questioning when they got so lazy and what happened to their IQ?

This shouldn’t feel this hard.

Communication with your teen is tricky and it’s not the same as when they were your friendly, helpful child. They’re changing brain, plus a good dose of hormones, has hijacked their motivation, awareness and focus, while increasing procrastination and emotional reactivity leaving you wondering how they’re ever going to succeed on their own.

It’s like trying to juggle flaming torches while walking on a tightrope!

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