Say This Not That

Why does talking to your teen feel so complicated and frustrating!

Making even the simplest requests results in emotional explosions, defensiveness, the silent treatment or a combination of all three. Oh ya, and let’s not forget the eye-rolling and arm crossing.

Somehow, it’s all your fault (including the way you were breathing)

You’re starting to wonder if you’re both part of the same conversation. Why is their perception of what you said always your problem? And how much longer do you have to tolerate hurtful or disrespectful responses? Ugh.

You’re not alone.

Navigating even simple conversations with your teen can feel like walking a tightrope over a canyon and that can wear you down over time. If you’re like me, relationship and communication basics weren’t taught in school (boggles my brain!) so you’re doing your best with what you know.

You can only control one side of the conversation, so let’s start there.

Simple tweaks to your words and delivery can have a big impact, so those basic conversations that escalate into arguments or drama can be avoided. I created a Say THIS, Not THAT communication chart to help you avoid the most common communication mistakes to minimize the confusing blind sides and build your confidence. I’ve broken this down in to simple, easy steps so it’ll soon become habit for you quickly.

I believe in you!

Say THIS, not THAT