Aly Pain talks about how so many of her clients are struggling in a yo-yo environment of all or nothing. This gives they great success when they are up but they fall behind are totally exhausted and usually sick in the down turns. Over time it has been proven that this method does lead to success of some form, but not the potential that you and I both know you have. Do you remember the story of The Tortoise and the Hare? Remember how the hare ran out of the gates and thinking he was so far ahead of everyone else he laid down for a nap (AKA exhaustion and burnout in Entrepreneur Land)? Meanwhile the tortoise keeps on going at his steady pace, passes the sleeping Hare and wins. I want more tortoise and less hare for all of you. If you have speed, great! This is not about who does the most wins. It is entirely about who does the most effective things consistently. Pick fewer items and set out to complete those daily or weekly. Once you have those absolutely mastered, add one or two more in. In business trust is everything and consistently creates that trust. Your customers want to know what to expect from you and not be introduced to a new initiative every month when the last few have just fizzled out. We have enough politicians out there breaking all the campaign promises, don’t be one of them. Check out AlyPain for more information or great blogs on other fascinating topics!