Are you driven by your intuition or your ego? Do you trust the quiet, inner wisdom of your intuition or is it drowned out by the loud, obnoxious ramblings of your ego? It’s a common struggle for people, one that reminds me of the classic story of David and Goliath.

Smaller and quieter, your intuition is like David in the story.

It’s subtler with a real sense of inner knowing. Like David, your intuition is very authentic, but also vulnerable. Think of your intuition as your moral compass with a very clear, plumb line sense.

Following the classic tale of the meager David taking on a giant with nothing more than a slingshot and a few rocks, your intuition is willing to DO what is right, despite whatever challenges face him. Intuition acts without needing to be seen and often challenges external messages about your current direction. Your intuition brings clarity where your ego may cloud the issue with other concerns.

Your ego, on the other hand, can show up as a real Goliath, often taking away from the results you are trying to create.

It’s louder and flashier, requiring a lot more pomp and ceremony than your intuition. Ego tends to default to a defensive position, coming across as abrasive and arrogant to mask a deeper fear.

Ego is all about self-preservation. Your ego wants to BE right. It also wants to be seen in a certain way, which may or may not be true. The bigger the challenge facing the ego, the louder the Goliath becomes, whether or not the situation warrants the noise.

Let’s be clear about one thing before we move on. There is nothing inherently wrong with ego.

In fact, we need it for our sense of identity in this world. Ego is tied up in how we communicate and the language we use. It’s an important aspect of our personalities and it protects us against a lot of potentially damaging assaults.

The key is assessing what the ego is trying to defend against, that deeper fear. Is it worth the fight to protect the ego or is it time to ignore the Goliath and listen to the quieter David? The answer to this question requires paying attention to your intuition, that gut feeling you get.

Imagine what your life and business would be like if you listened to, and trusted, that inner, intuitive David and ignored the protests of your Goliath? Would you be brave enough to do what needs to be done to reach the next level? Would you be able to step past your egotistical resistance and see the fear as ‘false evidence appearing real’?

Amazing things happen in those moments when we take on our Goliath and trust our inner David. While our intuition may not be as big or as noisy as our egos, the authenticity and vulnerability is what makes it so tremendously powerful and valuable.

Strengthening your relationship with your intuition

Make time everyday to be quiet. Just 10 minutes in silence is a great habit to create space to hear your intuition. You might include this as part of a prayer/meditation time as well. Be still and close your eyes to lower your sensory input and really make space for your intuition to show up.

Where has your intuition shown up in the past? Go with what as worked before and do what you can to recreate that space on a regular basis. Funny thing is, most people say the shower!! I know, it’s crazy. Try adding a few extra minutes to your shower and see if that space works for you!

Stop and listen! Have you ever had a feeling in your gut about something? Literally, a feeling in your stomach like butterflies or indigestion? Stop what you are doing and listen. I have stopped while walking through a parking lot before and stood with my eyes closed just to make sure I didn’t miss the moment, or the message. Don’t brush it off, stop and take note.

Write it down! This can become a journal or just a quick note somewhere. Intuitive hits are generally fast and subtle so make a note right there in the moment so your busy brain doesn’t forget that powerful nudge. I use voice recordings on my phone if I need to, especially if I’m driving.

Trust it, be brave! Intuition might seem dim-witted at first, or only half in the loop, but it really is instinctive and knows all that is already going on in your busy mind. Trust the power of that, be brave, and go with it (my new theme song.) This may be the game changer for you and your business.

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