Don’t worry, it’s a good thing! I am coming out against suits, or rather acting like a suit, which is the farthest from my authentic self that you can get! Unfortunately, that’s exactly what I did in order to fit in in the corporate world.

Here’s the skinny.

Working with top-level executives, I felt a lot of pressure to fit in, to wear the suit, speak like I’m reading a textbook and have attitude that goes with it. When I entered the corporate world, it was programmed into me that this was how I had to show up in order to gain credibility and be taken seriously. “Don’t smile too much, don’t laugh too much, don’t be too outgoing.”

Basically, don’t be myself!

Being the only woman in a boardroom full of corporate “suits”, I already stood out. Being a ‘pretty blonde with boobs’ made it even worse. So in order to fit into the male dominated world, I put on the standard issue, navy-blue corporate suit and stepped into the role of the ‘bitch with brains who barely smiled’.

Sadly, women are judged very differently than men in the corporate world. You can pout and complain about it, or accept it and just move on.

That persona fit me about as well as the navy-blue suit and it showed. The stiffness I felt on the inside showed in my face and in how I engaged with my clients. One look at my attempt at a corporate headshot and you can see the tension in my face. Behind that tension is me, begging you not to think of me as just a blonde bimbo, and see that I have what it takes, the whole package.

This entire superficial acceptance stemmed from my lack of confidence in my abilities as I moved up in the business world. I didn’t think I belonged there, period. I was afraid to speak my mind and earn their respect so my prospects believed I was more than qualified and the right person for them (for the record, not all of those people were just looking at the surface!).

Compare that to a more recent headshot in my favorite hot pink dress! The energy, excitement and confidence I feel inside shows on my face, but it also reflects who I am. I am not going to use the corporate lingo or regurgitate your jargon so you believe I have what it takes. I’m going to help solve your people problems with warmth, energy and some chutzpa. And I get results!

This is what happens when we allow people to put their stuff on us and believe that to succeed in a particular arena, we need to look, walk and talk like everyone else there. While it’s easy to start blaming others for forcing you into a certain attitude, remember, they can’t do it without your permission (AKA low confidence). You have to buy into the negative, load of crap stories, for it to have any impact.

Those stories stop us from reaching our full potential. They become a roadblock that we can’t get past despite our best efforts. They are the physical constraints that we must operate within. As long as we believe they are true, they hold us in that place of lack.

But as soon as you let go of them, as soon as you acknowledge their falseness, as soon as you consciously work to clear them, they disappear and you can see the endless possibilities. It’s like the world opens up because you own what is true for you and who you really are. A world of abundance!

That is exactly what happened for me. As soon as I started showing up as who I am, my business expanded in ways I could never imagine. Even better, were the people I drew to me with seemingly little effort. I’m now attracting the most amazing coaching clients and corporations who both need and value what I have to offer them.

Now I own that I am the pink dress chica. She’s posted on my wall as my daily inspiration. Yes, I am blond, beautiful, and badass, and that doesn’t take away from how smart and skilled I am. If others can’t look past the surface, that’s too damn bad for them because I’m not showing up in the navy suit just to please anyone anymore.

I challenge you to step out and be your authentic self! Your results will amaze you. Contact me NOW to set up your FREE consultation.