Summer is coming and let’s face it, you don’t want to spend those short and precious months in your office. The problem is, how do you make the most of the sunny summer days and still have a business left when you hunker down in the fall?

You need a plan. A plan that keeps you focused on business growth while you are there and keeps others accountable and focused when you are out of the office.

Many businesses lose momentum and traction over the summer by going on autopilot themselves, and try to start marketing initiatives in the fall.


By the time September rolls around you have missed the boat on being top of mind over the summer, even though your clients may not have been purchasing then.

Think of the summer as the awareness campaign for the marketing in the fall. Your clients may also be out and enjoying summer so you may need to use different mediums to connect with them. Find out where they go and how they connect now so you maintain contact.

Summer is a great time to review processes, products and services if it is a slower seasonal time. Look at whether you spend time efficiently, sell the best products and take great care of your customers from beginning to end. There is room for improvement in even the best company.

Whatever you do, get your simple plan ready for Q3 and commit to achieving it. You will be ahead of most in the fall and set yourself up for a huge success in Q4 and through to 2014.

Not sure how to navigate summer in your business? CONTACT ALY and set up your session now! Do you have a summer plan? How will you spend your marketing time this summer? Share with us in the comments below.