The Empowered Parent Community

Get on-demand answers and encouragement without having to pretend everything is okay, even if every other parenting community left you feeling alone, shamed, and judged.

Does this sound familiar?


You’re feeling scared:

There was no training on how to raise your teen and you don’t know where to turn for answers to help your teen through tough times.


You’re afraid to share your concerns:

Last time you tried that, you got a strip ripped off you for being too (fill in the blank), while others shamed and criticized, wondering where you learned such terrible parenting skills.


You’re feeling alone:

Sure, your friends are raising teens too, but they’re situations and challenges aren’t like yours so they just don’t understand.


You’re feeling like a bad parent:

You constantly compare yourself to other parents with perfect teens and wonder what you’re doing wrong. Aren’t you just supposed to know this stuff?


You’re tired of free advice:

Last time you asked your friend, sister or mom for support, they all had better, step-by-step plans laced with “You should know this.” But none of them are working!


You’re feeling sad:

Parenting a toddler meant playdates and mom’s coffee groups to connect in. Parenting a teen feels so much more isolating and difficult.


What if there was a judgment-free, supportive community with personalized, expert advice for your most vulnerable challenges?

It is possible, and this is the place.

Imagine how it would feel to have a community that’s got your back—a place to feel…


Community members read your posts, offering compassion and empathy for what you’re experiencing because they also know what it feels like to struggle.



When you reach out for support during a confidence crisis you get a community of cheerleaders who lift you up without downplaying your feelings or the situation.



Community members appreciate your perspective and insights from your own challenges.



When you’re in the trenches and the wins feel few and hard fought, you have a community who celebrate your baby steps and epic breakthroughs with the same, heartfelt gusto.


Like you belong:

You have a place to go where parents dealing with similar struggles are genuinely glad you showed up and they miss you when you’re away.

Sometimes I feel like Aly and the members here is the only thing helping me keep it together. You all help normalize the struggle, the teenage behavior, the desire to parent differently. When I’m in the trenches, and I feel like no one understands me, it’s you guys I think of. Also, a total mindset change has helped too. I’m living more in the moment, worrying less. Aly helped me realize I’m not defined by my kids’ actions and I can exist outside of our current situation.You and all in this group mean more to me than you know. Reading posts from both of you have helped me in certain ways. Thank you
Katrina S.

Hi, I’m Aly Pain…


My passion is empowering parents to build healthy, respectful relationships with their teens without giving up or giving up, even if they’ve tried everything and are at their wits end. I’ve built an online audience of over 560K followers and I’ve been featured in the New York Post, ABC Nightly News and the Rachael Ray Show.

In 2006, after a decade of personal development and a few more in therapy, I went back to school for three years to become a Certified Life Coach and Certified Relationship Systems Coach, becoming one of only 70 people in Canada to hold both designations.

Now I share my programs to help parents develop deeper, more trusting relationships with their teens.

This involves looking at and breaking down old parenting beliefs that aren’t serving you and learning a new, research-based approach to your relationship with your teen.

I break down this process into five stages:

Stage 1 →

You’re at your wit’s end, feeling heartbroken and defeated. You don’t understand why this is happening, or where your cute, compliant kid has gone, and flip between blaming yourself and blaming your teen for the discord. Something has to give.

Stage 2 →

You’ve realized you need to make some adjustments, but you’re at a loss on where to begin or what actionable steps to take. You’re starting to have more compassion for your teen, and it’s shifting how you see them as you learn to work with your teen’s brain rather than against it.

Stage 3 →

You’re starting to deconstruct your parenting beliefs and incorporate new tools into your relationship with your teen. You’ve developed more awareness of your role in the relationship without blaming or shaming yourself, while meeting your teen where they’re at and laying the foundation for the three pillars: emotional safety, meaningful conversations, and true belonging.

Stage 4 →

You’ve officially shed the blame and shame game, and take things much less personally. Arguments no longer need a “winner” or “loser”—you’re learning to find the middle ground with curious conversations. This can be the toughest stage because you’re getting into the weeds and shifting from understanding the concepts to applying them in your personal relationships.

Stage 5 →

You feel confident, equipped, and empowered to tackle most issues with your teen no matter what they throw at you. You’re building towards mastering the strategies and tools as an active mentor and support for other parents in the community. You’ve fine-tuned your approach and adjust based on each of your child’s specific needs, even if your execution isn’t perfect, seeing positive change in other key relationships.

After Stage 5 →

You’re consistently calmer, resolving conflicts respectfully and without blame. Your teenager understands your new approach and willingly plays along, knowing and trusting that they work, even with their messy, adolescent brain. If your partner or co-parent isn’t fully onboard, it doesn’t hijack you. You stay the course, knowing the only thing you can control is you.

Advancing through these stages doesn’t happen overnight. It takes commitment to daily baby steps as you learn new parenting skills and rebuild trust, respect, and connection in your relationship with your teen.

Stage 5 parents aren’t “better” than those just beginning their journey. There’s no moral high ground in parenting—we’re all imperfect people doing the best we can in a job we weren’t trained for.

How to navigate the amazing resources available in the group:

Parenting doesn’t have to feel so isolating…

Sometimes it feels like no one can understand your situation—that if you reach out for help, all you’ll get back is criticism and judgment.

Eventually you stop asking for help, and start to believe there must be something wrong with you. This can feel incredibly isolating and lonely.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

My community stands for….

  • Curiosity over criticism
  • Compassion over condemnation
  • Empathy over advice


Every parent needs someone (or a community of someones) to turn to when the going gets tough: a group of caring and courageous parents to bounce ideas off of, a safe place to share concerns when a new situation arises, and a community who celebrates every win no matter how small.

That’s why I created my Empowered Parent Community—offering on-demand, personalized answers and in-depth, LIVE Q&As with courageous parents on a similar journey (and those who’ve been there before), ready to encourage and support you.

Thank you to this community, a place to be "real,” to share, and to learn from. I would not be where I am without it.

By joining The Empowered Parent Community, you’ll …

Feel safe

To be vulnerable and address core concerns knowing you’re getting expert answers

Lower your levels of anxiety

And stress by knowing you aren’t alone


Deepen your understanding

Of concepts by hearing other parents’ perceptions and experiences


Increase confidence

Knowing your messes and successes are just steps along the way—not a measure of your self-worth


Feel supported and encouraged

To try new tools even on the hard days when you want to throw in the towel


Get professional answers

Without waiting until your next scheduled appointment, or even leaving your house


What's Included:


Get exactly what you need during the LIVE semi-monthly Q&A sessions to answer your questions. During the LIVE session, I summarize all the posts since I last went live and give even more in-depth, detailed responses to each question or challenge. You’ll also hear from subject-matter experts who offer specific advice and answer your questions on topics like school refusal, substance use, addiction, mental health, and more. The videos are archived in the group permanently to refer back to if you miss them.  – $1000 value


The digital library hosts over 35 exclusive mini modules and past Live Q&As, all with a keyword SEARCH FUNCTION! Thanks to artificial intelligence, you can now search these videos by keyword. No more spending hours searching the internet for articles, podcasts or videos to find answers to parenting challenges and still questioning yourself. Get what you need at the touch of a button, without watching every video – $3000 value


Additional resources (articles, worksheets, tools, etc.) exclusive to this community are updated regularly – $500 value


A judgment-free space full of caring, courageous and committed parents supporting and encouraging you in your journey (in all its messy, complicated, and challenging goodness) – Priceless


How to Raise Your Words With Your Teen, Not Your Voice Step-by-step instructions and videos to avoid the nine most common communication breakdowns – $27 value

That’s over $4500 in value!


I’m already paying for a therapist/counselor/etc. Why is this different?

Who was the last therapist or counselor who took your questions between sessions without sending you a bill? In this group you have daily, direct access to a supportive, online community and my expertise.

The last group I joined ended up making me feel like a failure. I don’t want that again!

I was in that group like that too, and I left as fast as I joined because it was demeaning and not helpful. This is exactly why I have a non-negotiable “no shame, no blame” policy within the group. You’re here to learn while encouraging and supporting others, even when you have different parenting styles and values. Rather than shame or criticize, this community gets curious about different perspectives, knowing there’s always something to learn through a different lens.

How is this community different from your free one?

My free community is much larger and if I respond to posts, it’s usually sharing links to my articles. I prioritize my time for members in my smaller, private community, offering more detailed and personalized responses, including LIVE Q&A sessions and guest experts.

Why would I pay for advice from parents in the same situation I’m in?

Having other parents in this community going through similar challenges is extremely beneficial—as is the empathy, encouragement, and support you get from them. I’m a Certified Life Coach and Certified Relationship Systems Coach with over 15 years experience working with parents of tweens/teens. I personally respond to your posts and host the LIVE Q&As to provide expert advice and perspective as you move through the five stages, and beyond. There’s no automated bot or team pretending to be me—it’s really me!

How long will my monthly subscription price be valid?

When you jump in, you’re locking in that monthly price as long as you stay in the community. If the price increases in the future, you’re guaranteed your current price (pay monthly or annually, and you’re free to cancel at any time).

Where do I find the community?

This private parenting community is currently hosted on Facebook and not available on any other platform (you’ll get the link in your welcome email after registering).

Memberships feel like a big commitment. What if I don’t like it?

When you join, you get a FREE 14-day trial to ask questions, check out previous posts, and watch a few LIVE Q&A sessions so there’s no risk. You can cancel your membership at any time without penalty, phone calls or forms to fill out.

Can my partner join in too?

Your partner or co-parent is encouraged to participate in the private community using one Facebook profile. If you’d like to join under your own profiles, you’ll both require a membership.

When are the LIVE Q&A sessions? What if I can't make it?

The LIVE Q&A dates and times vary (generally Tuesday or Thursday afternoons on pacific time) and are posted one month in advance in the private community. If you can’t make the scheduled time, post your question or challenge in the group and I’ll address it during the LIVE so you can watch the recording. All LIVE sessions and guest expert recordings remain in the community forever so you can watch and rewatch as many times as you choose.

The Empowered Parent Community is for Parents who are:

The Empowered Parent Community is NOT for Parents who are…

You don’t have to keep struggling on your own, and you don’t need to wade through volumes of research or content to find the answers you’re looking for.

The Empowered Parent Community allows you to quickly access the tools for your specific stage to begin creating the change your heart is longing for. And with twice monthly LIVE Q&A sessions, you’ll get step-by step support to deepen your understanding of the concepts and how to apply them to your personal challenge, all in a supportive community of caring, courageous parents.


Your teen wants this change too. They’re likely feeling angry, frustrated, lost and scared, yet they don’t have the developed brain or skills to take the necessary steps. Even when your teen is acting out in all kinds of ways, they need you and want a relationship with you.

These hard teen years may be temporary, but your relationship with your teen isn’t. The change you create now has lasting benefits for the future.


Join this unique, online community now and get the first 14 days for FREE!


Monthly billing begins after the 30 day trial and you can cancel at any time.

But you have to act fast—this free trial is a limited time offer! Membership prices will be increasing by the end of the year, so jump in now!

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