Are you running from and avoiding your past like the plague? Does your resistance to your past have you catapulting to the future as motivation? Being energized about your future is awesome! However, thinking you are going to get there and truly find your awesome without fully embracing your past is a fantasy.

Your past has many rich nuggets of learning, insight and wisdom to leverage in creating your awesome future. Every moment of your past, your messes and successes, have gotten you here to this moment. Truly embracing your past means learning to love yourself in all your ways of being, and all the results you created. It means knowing you can take all the learnings from your past and make conscious, informed choices about how you think and behave in your future.

The greatest obstacle for people in fully embracing their past is the roles other people played in some ‘not so charming‘ ways. Let me be very clear. I am not asking you to embrace the junk that other people tried to project on you. That is the part I want you to put back on them (emotionally speaking)! Don’t own what is not yours to own. You knew what you knew and responded how you responded. Throwing out your past because of situations that did not turn out well or destructive things that others did is like throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

And baby, you are worth more than that! When you love all you, all your messes and successes, you are ready to launch into your awesome future with more confidence and self-knowledge. That is truly setting yourself up for success. Have you embraced your past? What are you still resisting?

Leave a comment here and let me know about your experience, and how it is affecting setting up your future.  If you are looking for support in embracing your past for a better future, contact me now!