I was particularly stressed about taking this trip, as much as I knew I needed it, because it was off-grid. That means NO CELL SERVICE!

I felt like a teenager whose parent threatened to turn off the WiFi.

As we headed out of town with our tent trailer in tow, the point where my phone would say ‘No Service’ was getting closer and my breathing was getting shallower.

I was finally seeing results for my efforts on social media, website analytics and gaining subscribers so this really didn’t seem like the best time to disappear. Sure, I had posts scheduled but you can only do so much in advance that doesn’t make up for being present on the daily.

My husband and I booked this off-grid camping week for the end of August back in June and we had already moved it back a week. We had become roommates and my tunnel of focus was only getting smaller. We were both exhausted.

It was exactly what we needed.

We had the most amazing time together! We experienced a new adventure every day in Wells Gray Provincial Park with truly spectacular views of Clearwater Lake, Clearwater River, Myrtle River and almost every waterfall in between.

There were hours of playing board games, enjoying campfires, reading books and great conversation, along with amazing food. Our relationship had taken a back burner to both our entrepreneurial hustle and we knew this time was important.

Want to know my 2nd favorite part of the trip?

Not ever having to check my phone. Being away from cell service and any possibility of connection was incredibly freeing and I was more present and calm. Being in nature, the fresh air of hiking every day and getting the rest I needed made this one of our best camping trips ever.

My favorite part of the trip?

Being with my hubby, Jeff. He makes camping so much more fun with his preparation and McIver skills. Jeff is truly one of my best friends and biggest supporter. Being married for over 23 years to this human is one of my richest Blessings. Reconnecting also meant building greater resilience going forward.