You have set a goal and have a strategy to get there. Check. You start walking this out and now find that you are not getting where you thought you would be but a particular time in the process.

Has this ever happened to you?

This situation happens to lots of people, and businesses. The key difference of those that make it and those that don’t is what happens next. Do you change your goal to make it fit the current results or do you change the strategy of how you are achieving the goal? This is the million dollar question. Most people will take the information they have and change the goal. I mean, that makes sense right? You are not getting the results you wanted by a certain time, feeling demotivated, not enjoying the current process and in fact, feeling like accomplishing this goal is feeling really hard! So, it only makes sense to change the goal, right?


You have just let yourself off the hook of being part of the change required of yourself to accomplish your goal. You have taken the average road by keeping your current thinking, beliefs, habits and environment. You have just ensured you will NOT accomplish the goal you set out. The awesome path is being steadfast about your goal, and getting really curious about your current strategy to get there.

This is where your true growth lives that makes achieving that goal all the richer. Question everything!! What are you pretending not to know/see? Is there more information available now to look into? Is there more/other people to get involved?

Have you been willing to change your mind – the way you think and act, and your environment? If you are going to get from average to awesome, it is going to require you to hold your feet to the fire and keep your goals. Period. When times get tough, look at your strategy in every way and make changes there instead and you will get to your awesome.

Leave your comment below and let me know what your experience is around achieving, or not achieving your goals, and what happened for you. Give me a call I will help you get there!