The privilege of working with some very talented and successful corporations over the last 10 years helped me to grow my network my and career. However, I was told early on that no one would take me seriously because I’m an extroverted blond so I learned to lock down my crazy and play up my cool like a pro. As in ‘pin-stripped blue suit and chic computer bag, straight shooter’ cool.

That experience served me in many ways. I feel heard, respected and appreciated for the experience and knowledge I bring in most cases. And I’m often the one leading business owner and cultures to dip a toe into the crazy pool, loosen up and have a little fun! Statistics show over and over that employees are more engaged; work harder and cultures are more resilient when they are reminded, and encouraged, to have fun.

The gym/dance studio I regularly attend recently had a 80’s theme week. Everyone was going to more classes just to see the hilarious outfits other people, and instructors were showing up in! Let me tell you, there was glitter; headbands, leg warmers, neon and bad makeup everywhere you looked. Oh, and the music play lists were right on point with Whitney Houston, Wham, Olivia Newton John and so much more!

Below is the picture of what I wore. A little crazy even for me with tights that felt like plastic wrap but I was up for the challenge!

Over the last decade, I’ve kept much of my crazy to myself until I wasn’t really sure what it looked like. I wasn’t setting up constructive outlets in my personal life to balance myself which created an ‘all work and no play’ experience. I don’t blame anyone for my choices or the stories I chose to make true. And now, I choose change.

Those of you who have worked with might be wide-eyed and asking fearfully, “Is there is actually MORE crazy in there??” Yes. There is. Lots more.

Here’s another picture I posted on Facebook of me after shooting a video at a local chocolate shop. There is crazy all over my face!! And I loved every minute of it because it felt right for me.

There’s enough doom and gloom in the world right now to sink us. We all have enough stress for a lifetime. And where does that get us? A one-way ticket to a world of mental and physical health issues which unfortunately lead to leaving this world early. If we are going to leave at some point, why not have a little fun while we are here?

Ask yourself this:

Compromising on crazy to be only cool, professional and practical is WAY overrated. I’m way out there, and I don’t expect you to be like me. I invite you to join me in what every way crazy looks like for you. I’ve worked with C-suite Executives, Accountants, Engineers and Lawyers and no one died, I promise.

Moving forward with businesses looking to better their people and get bigger profits (I also bring this crazy, fun to my work with families), I’m even clearer on my ideal client to exceed expectations. I’ll be bringing even more of my crazy on stage as a speaker, and on video, with big thinking, big action and big results. Are you ready for the ride?