Adolescent Substance Abuse Webinar


Whether you suspect your teen is using, found drug paraphernalia in their room, caught them red handed or this has been an ongoing battle and you’ve tried everything to get your teen to stop, you’re feeling heartbroken, scared and at a loss of what to do next.

Even still, you’re watching your teen go down a path that no amount of boundaries, consequences or conversation seems to change.

Thousands of parents are saying the same things as legalization of marijuana and increased access to it has more and more teens becoming casual or regular users with a very different perspective on short or long-term side effects.

The pissing matches are exhausting and have taken a huge toll on your relationship with your teen, other children and your marriage.

You feel trapped between knowing what’s best and laying down the law but your teen never comes out of their room and refuses to talk to you, or setting boundaries about not using or storing their stash in your home so your teen re-engages with family, is calm, doing well in school, at work and even goes to counseling or therapy sessions.

You’ve worked hard to raise your teen right and even though they’ve struggled and aren’t perfect, this was never part of the plan.

Your teen tells you it’s only occasional use, it’s no big deal, or it helps them cope with stress, anxiety or depression.

You’re not a bad parent and you’re not alone. In fact, you’re in the right place!

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About Rand Teed

Rand has over 40 years experience supporting teens and adults to understand substance abuse and how it gets in the way of having the life they want, leaning into his own journey and now 48 years of sobriety. He’s an Internationally Certified Prevention Specialist and a Canadian Certified Addiction Counsellor, developer of the Drug Class program, and is the writer and host of the Award-Winning Drug Class TV Series (Gemini Award Best Direction in A Youth Series 2008). Rand is a member of National Recovery Advisory Council and Saskatchewan Representative on CCSMH Cannabis Working Group, along with being IC&RC International Prevention Specialist of the Year 2016.

In this webinar, Rand will cover 3 key points so you and your teen have current information about why substance use is happening, the impact of substance use on the teen brain, and feel empowered to have better conversations to decide your next steps.



Seeing substance use is a symptom of other issues.



Understanding stress and how it impacts the brain.



Explaining the brain and mind implications of substance abuse.

How do I work with Rand personally?

Is this webinar suited for teens?

Yes. You’re welcome to watch this webinar with your teen as the content will be helpful for both of you.

Which Way to Turn by Rand Teed

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No matter where you’re at with your teen and their substance use, having the right information from an award-winning expert in the field is critical.