When it comes to achieving your goals, I am hoping you are aiming for something meaningful that you really want. And that getting there is going to create a huge pay off for you.

Most people set goals to avoid something in the present, or get away from something they don’t like. That is called an avoidance goal and generally does not work. Adding to this is setting punitive penalties for yourself when you ‘get it wrong’ or don’t follow through. As much as the self-punishment gets some people off the couch and going, turning up the volume on your self-depricating voices can be very demotivating and decrease the confidence and esteem you need to overcome the change itself.

Our brains our wired to feel safe and happy so I suggest using the approach goal – making where you are going even better than where you are right now, in any area of your life. This method has great results and in psychology studies has amazing merit. There needs to be small, incremental rewards for carrying through on your action steps. Rewards that increase the positive feedback behaviour loop and reinforce your confidence and esteem to keep going all the way to AWESOME.

Some penalties may work in the approach goal method, but they need to be small and rare.

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What has worked for you in the past around setting and accomplishing a goal – penalties or positivity? Leave your comment and let me know so we can all benefit and get from our average to awesome faster!