Hi Everyone!  I wanted to send everyone a special Holiday message this week, and wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I know this time can be very stressful will all of the extra activities and functions. Whether you are travelling over this season or hosting, it can really add to what is already on our plates. All the more important to take time to really rest and take care of yourself.

Be present to your relationships, really sew into them. Whether you have the opportunity to spend time in person, or using some of the fabulous technology available to us. Have the best of the season, and remember the reason. Gift are fabulous, and fun, let’s face it. This season is a time to be grateful for everything we have and count the Blessings we’ve been given throughout 2013.

Let’s give generously to those that have less than us. Unfortunately, there were a number of disasters in the world this past year, locally and globally. There is always an opportunity to give, no matter how big or how small, to those recovering from adverse situations during this season. One of the greatest gifts, is giving itself.

Thank you to all my clients, who give me the opportunity to be part of their journeys and live even more on purpose. Thank you to all of you who loyally read my blogs and watch these videos the past year. I am looking forward to another fabulous year of great content and material in 2014.

I am starting a new project for 2014 that will be revealed and launching in January, and would love to have you along for that ride! It will be more personal, even more authentic and I guarantee it will challenge you to step out of average and into awesome! For those of you who will be ambitiously goal setting for 2014, I have done a number of blogs this year on how to set effective goals and win, along with revealing tips to avoid the potholes that trip you up along the way (Penalties or Positivity, When You Aren’t Getting Results,Setting Goals that Work)

May you experience the best of the season and your cups overflow to begin 2014 with a clear purpose to create your dreams. Much love,