It IS possible to have meaningful connection and mutual respect with your teen while being the parent you want to be.

Create an open, honest, and lasting relationship with your teen…

that they want and appreciate as much as you do

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For caring and courageous parents who want their teens to listen AND talk to them in easy conversations without the disrespectful blow ups, stressful silences or constant consequences.

Right now, you desperately want to connect with your teen but…

You’re HEARTBROKEN because they barely talk to you anymore and only want to spend time alone in their room or with friends.

You’re STRUGGLING to understand how puberty stole your friendly child and exchanged them for an eye rolling, defensive, moody teen you don’t know.

You feel OVERWHELMED trying to manage your teen’s daily missteps and are desperate to find SOMETHING to stop this pattern of defiance and anarchy.

You find yourself thinking…

“What am I doing wrong?”

“Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?”

“Time is slipping away to repair my relationship with my teen.”

Your strategy isn’t working and something has to give.

Creating connection with your teen takes WORK and trying to figure everything out on your own will leave you feeling EXHAUSTED, DEFEATED and ALONE.

There’s an EASIER way to have the relationship you want with your teen that ACTUALLY works AND lasts.

I developed a PROVEN system that empowers you to feel LESS frustrated and have BETTER communication, and the foundation of that system is connection.

Raising a teen SEEMS obvious and intuitive but genuine connection doesn’t just happen without a PROVEN strategy.

Listen, I know a lot of other coaches and therapists are pressuring you to use stricter consequences, stiffer punishments, more lectures or reasoning, or be ‘nicer’ and not rock the boat. 

But guess what?

It’s been scientifically proven that all of those methods actually make things worse!

Stop doing more of what isn’t working and DIVE IN to building genuine connection

The best part is, you’ll be building trust and respect along the way so your relationship continues to grow and deepen into your teen’s adult years.

The Empowered Parent Program is an 8 module course that breaks down the science of connection into tangible steps so you start enjoying meaningful connection and mutual respect with your teen.

You’ll learn exactly how to:

Your teenager wants this too, they just don’t know how to ask for it (trust me, teens message me about this every day).

The Empowered Parent Program is an 8 week program that teaches you exactly how to create an open, honest and connected relationship with your teen, now and in the future.

EVEN IF you’re a busy parent managing other children, activities, work, a home and a million other things…

EVEN IF you or your teen have already tried therapy and it didn’t help much…

EVEN IF you don’t think your teen is that bad and you’re not in crisis mode…yet…

EVEN IF you’ve tried asking for help in other groups and were criticised, judged and shamed for not doing it right or being a better parent…

Respectful communication. Authentic connection. Less power struggles.

…and daily support along the way.

Let me ask you a question…

When was the last time you felt a genuine connection with your teen?

The specific tools I teach in The Empowered Parent Program help you create tangible moments of connection on a daily basis WITHOUT giving in or bribing your teen to get them.

If you’re….

TIRED of your teen’s disrespectful, entitled and demanding behaviour, yet they don’t respect the boundaries you’ve repeatedly set.

EXHAUSTED by constantly doing what you can to support your teen to be happy yet they find you annoying and respond with disdain, eye rolling, and lack of appreciation.

FRUSTRATED by the daily nagging to get even the most basic chores or assignments done and your teen still doesn’t care as their opportunities begin to narrow.

And DESPERATE to create a meaningful relationship with your teen before they leave the house without looking back.

…then The Empowered Parent Program is perfect for you.

Build your confidence while enjoying meaningful connection

Here’s a few examples of what parents just like you created

As I've been learning and changing, my relationship with my kids has improved so much! It takes conscious effort and using your content, the next generation is being raised with understanding and support instead of compliance and control

A. Grey

I can already see a huge difference! I've always felt like a good mom, I just didn't feel like I was thriving anymore. This resonated with me so much because it's always how I've raised my son, I just didn't know how to be a mom of a teen. My whole perspective has changed and I feel more prepared! He's feeling loved and supported again and I feel like I got my son back. My son has given me so many hugs this week too, it's amazing! Thank you!


Knowing how to validate my son's anxiety has really helped settle his meltdowns quickly. Being on the spectrum, I thought his meltdowns would drag on and spiral as he escalated. These tools end them quickly even if he explodes right away. I wish I had this modelled for me rather than suck it up and not talk about it. He still has meltdowns but we have better communication and connection.

C. Shultz

Wow! I'm in tears!! I think you've helped me understand my daughter and myself way better than her therapist could ever.

C. Welch

I’ve been looking for the Holy Grail of parenting solutions for a loooong time. There’s a lot of fabulous content out there from amazing coaches, but nothing has resonated with me like this or had such an immediate positive effect. Thank you so much!

F. Conlan

IMPORTANT: Results like these are NOT typical for most parents because The Empowered Parent Program IS NOT YOUR TYPICAL program.

Parenting teens is HARD!

If you want results like these, it won’t happen by thinking it’s not that bad, doing more of the same, or trying to figure it out on your own. Those only lead to more stress, wasting precious time and missing out on key developmental years in your teen’s life.

Will this work for me?

The Empowered Parent Program is designed for parents who want more open, honest connection with their tweens, teens and young adults.

Is this you?

  • Caring parents who are longing for more authentic, honest conversations to connect with their teen while still being ‘the parent’
  • Committed parents who are willing to try new things and know that change is a process, not a quick fix
  • Compassionate parents who want their teen to be happy and succeed in life knowing it takes more than hope and a dream
  • Courageous parents who understand their teen is growing up in a new era and setting them up for success is going to look differently than when they were young

And you’re noticing one or more of these behaviours in your teen:

  • Shut down, won’t communicate, and finds your attempts to connect annoying
  • Escalated emotions and rude, disrespectful outbursts
  • Defiant and isn’t respecting your boundaries or contributing with basic tasks
  • Entitled, demanding, and complains no matter what you do
  • Trying to bait you into arguments to manipulate you
  • Lack of motivation and doesn’t care about anything, including consequences
  • Struggling with anxiety or challenges from ADHD
  • School anxiety or avoidance and their grades are dropping, maybe even failing
  • Being drawn into the wrong crowd or seeking unhealthy relationships
  • Doesn’t care about anything but their phone or gaming
  • Lying, impulsive and risky behaviour choices including substance use (this program does NOT address substance use or addiction, it DOES address the underlying emotional issues)
If you’re still not sure if The Empowered Parent Program will work for you and your teen, send me an email with your questions.

60 days from now you’ll be enjoying a more peaceful household where your teen willingly opens up and you feel confident about how to respond so you both feel calmer and more respected

But more importantly, you’ll be parenting in a way that FEELS GOOD.

Here’s what parenting in a way that FEELS GOOD looks like…

Speaking with CONFIDENCE because you know what to say to reach your teen so they take you seriously AND how to get them to open up.

Feeling CALMER because you understand your teen’s brain development and how to set boundaries when necessary, without reacting to everything.

Feeling CONNECTED with easy communication and more relaxed conversations as your teen turns to you for perspective and insight.

The Empowered Parent Program is an all-in-one approach where you’ll:

Time for some real talk

Just because you’re a parent who’s already put in a decade or so of raising a child DOESN’T mean parenting a teen is even close to the same thing, and ‘figuring it out on your own’ is NOT a strategy.

Past graduates, parents just like you, have created mutual respect and genuine connection with their teen they’re seeing deepen month after month, and it’s also improving relationships with their other children…


They enrolled because they TRIED to figure it out on their own with books, podcasts and hours of social media but were left wondering how to use the information. They suffered through months, even years of STRESS and painful DISCONNECTION because they didn’t have a proven framework to follow and professional support along the way.

You have two choices

You can waste tons of time and effort trying to figure it out alone by scrolling hours of social media, listening to more podcasts, reading the books and missing out on pivotal developmental years.

Or you can start creating the meaningful, lasting connection and relationship you know is possible NOW with my proven, 3-step S.E.E. framework in my signature program.

The Empowered Parent Program includes science-backed strategies that will expedite your own experience of an honest, connected relationship with your teen, like it has for thousands of other parents!

Here's What's Included in The Empowered Parent Program:

Module 1: Generational and Parenting Beliefs

  • Build awareness of generational cycles blocking you from connecting with your teen, while find a parenting style that feels authentic for you 


Module 2: Personality Styles and Love Languages

  • Get to know your teen and communicate with their way as you support them to become the best versions of themselves

Module 3: Boundaries and Consequences

  • Create boundaries that support a loving, mutually respectful relationship where your teen becomes a responsible, independent and capable person
  • Use my Compassionate Consequence Formula to remove the guesswork from discipline and creating lasting behaviour change


Module 4: Trust, Lying and Forgiveness

  • Create a transparent, vulnerable and honest relationship so your teen comes to you with their problems instead of avoiding them

Module 5: Toxic Communication and Conflict Resolution

  • Have tough conversations with an emotional, defensive teen without getting triggered so you hear what they’re saying and feel better equipped to respond


Module 6: Big Emotions and Mental Health

  • Build capacity to handle your teen’s emotional outbursts so they feel safe to be themselves and talk about their emotional and mental health challenges

Module 7: Teen Relationships, Dating, and Sex

  • Have conversations about sexual pressures, consent, and raging hormones so your teen will safely and confidently make their own choices with you as their safe person to share with


Module 8: Social Media, Gaming, and Smartphones

  • Create a healthy balance with less arguments while keeping your teen safe from online dangers 


The Empowered Parent Program Journal
Value: $200
Follow the program by tracking your progress, learning and insights for each module, LIVE Q&A dates and questions, plus your wins all in one place. 

Ending the School Power Struggle Masterclass
Value: $400
How to become your teen’s academic ally without just letting them fail, even if they’ve stopped caring or trying. Includes:

  • Workbook 
  • Fast links to a list of resources

Teen Substance Use Webinar With Rand Teed
Value: $250
What you can do to support your teen to curb and even end their usage.

IMPORTANT: Your bonuses will be unlocked immediately, but I recommend starting with the core content first.

You already know parenting a child isn't the same as parenting your why keep using outdated tools and expecting to see a change?

In 60 days you can have:

  • A more peaceful home
  • Mutual respect
  • Open conversations
  • And WAY LESS attitude and acting out

…so choose your plan now!

 I felt like my daughter hated me everyday. Since then, I’ve changed my entire approach and it’s like night and day.

When I use your tools, she doesn’t stop talking, lol! 

No more dirty looks, eye rolling and head shaking. The little things mean so much and add up to a happier home for us.

Tammy T.W.

Today I let my daughter go out with friends. She said she wouldn't be too late so I decided not to give her a curfew. 

Two hours later she came home, walked right over to me and told me her friends wanted to go drinking and she decided that wasn't for her (this would NOT have happened before) so she came home. I told her I was proud of her and it must've taken great courage to walk away. 

Then she told me about the entire situation in detail and I just listened. Eventually I asked her how she felt about it all and she said she didn't care and didn't want to put herself in that situation anymore, "I'd rather not be there when they do stuff like that." I'm so much calmer now although there will be more situations that test her.


I was going through a very rough patch with my son. He was very depressed and sneaking out to go to his girlfriend’s house (a very unhealthy relationship).

His dad was ballistic, but I shared your program and got him on board to keep the communication lines open.

Our son has done a 180° - broke up with his girlfriend and slowly found his self-worth. THANK YOU!!

Tatiana S.

Choose Your Preferred Plan

Payments plans as low as

Empowered Parent Program
$ 74
with 12 Monthly Payments
  • 8 transformational, online modules
  • Workbooks with guided exercises
  • 24/7 lifetime access to content & resources
  • Communication flashcards & tools
  • 4 month access to private community with daily support
  • 8 LIVE Facebook Q&A's

Pay in Full

Empowered Parent Program
$ 897 1 Payment
  • 8 transformational, online modules
  • Workbooks with guided exercises
  • 24/7 lifetime access to content & resources
  • Communication flashcards & tools
  • 4 month access to private community with daily support
  • 8 LIVE Facebook Q&A's

I know you’ve been telling yourself:

“I should know know how to do this….
I just need to try harder”


After years of beating myself up, or blaming my teens, I developed a proven system for open, honest communication and mutual understanding that works with your teen’s changing brain…

…and it started with genuine connection.

You won’t BELIEVE how quickly you’ll see positive changes!

I took a step back to see where the issues lie and realized it was in my attitude towards my son and making him conform to my idea of who he should be. He's a good kid and actually does a lot which I haven't been giving him credit for. I'm being more patient with his struggles and not taking them so personally or as a reflection of my failure as a parent.

We've taken steps to a more compassionate and respectful relationship where conflict is reduced and the house is a lot calmer.

Your strategies make so much sense! Thank you for helping me see things differently.

Syndi D.K.

My whole life I've based my decisions on other people's expectations of me and I've realized how resentful I am. I refuse to let me kids grow up the same way even if it feels foreign to undo my own parenting.

As I've been learning and changing, my relationship with my kids has improved so much!

It takes conscious effort, but using your program the next generation is being raised with understanding and support instead of compliance and control.

Lacey S.


Results like these are only possible for students enrolled in The Empowered Parent Program. You just won’t get these results by trying to figure it out on your own.

Parenting teens is HARD! Program participants and I have been EXACTLY where you are now AND have made it to the other side so DO NOT waste time doing more of what isn’t working.

The Empowered Parent Program will teach you exactly how to create genuine and lasting connection with mutual respect and understanding through open, honest conversations.

LOVE your content! I’m a Paediatrician in Colorado and refer all my families with teens to your programs. Your work is amazing and has been game changing. You’ve been the best, singular resource for our families in our Adolescent Mental Health Clinic.

Dr. Mike Milobsky

Founder, Way Centre

Honestly Aly, I can’t thank you enough. We were going through some difficult times with our 16 year old.

We grounded her for a week because we found vaping stuff in her bag for the third time. In anger, she shattered a mirror in her room and we took her bedroom door off the hinges. It was ugly.

She’s very self-conscious, trying to fit in and be perfect, and closed off so we rarely get more than a shoulder shrug and, “I don’t know”. Then her explosive anger turns into 2-hour tantrums.

Since then, I have been applying your strategies and everything has taken a 180 - our relationship is 100 times better. This is incredible!

I’m less demanding, critical, and reactionary, giving less advice and ask more questions. We have open conversations to hear her opinions and she’s calmer and receptive to input without arguing.

As a nurse who has worked with teens in the past, I’m resourceful but I hit the jackpot when I found you! Your approach truly makes sense and WORKS!! I’m a believer!

Tracy B.

In 60 days you can have:

  • A more peaceful home
  • Mutual respect
  • Open conversations
  • And WAY LESS attitude and acting out

…so choose your plan now!

Payments plans as low as

Empowered Parent Program
$ 74
with 12 Monthly Payments
  • 8 transformational, online modules
  • Workbooks with guided exercises
  • 24/7 lifetime access to content & resources
  • Communication flashcards & tools
  • 4 month access to private community with daily support
  • 8 LIVE Facebook Q&A's

Pay in Full

Empowered Parent Program
$ 897 1 Payment
  • 8 transformational, online modules
  • Workbooks with guided exercises
  • 24/7 lifetime access to content & resources
  • Communication flashcards & tools
  • 4 month access to private community with daily support
  • 8 LIVE Facebook Q&A's

Hi, I’m Aly Pain

I know firsthand what it’s like to be a teen in a well-meaning family, all while feeling disconnected, unloved, and angry. I started using diet pills at 12, drinking at 13, skipping school at 15 and attempted suicide by 17, going from straight A’s to failing out.

I acted out in all sorts of ways, not knowing how to communicate my feelings or ask for what I needed in a way my family could hear me—my parents weren’t equipped to understand or help me.

I marched myself into therapy at 18 and spent decades learning to build confidence, find a sense of calm, and turn down the constant choir of negative messages in my head.

When I became a parent, I wanted our children to feel loved and celebrated, to be polite and compliant, and I never wanted to raise my voice or a hand. I basically wanted to be Mary Poppins……Then I realized, “Holy crap! This is hard!”


I was constantly dealing with anxiety and fear, wanting to control my children while expecting unattainable perfection and compliance. All this while dealing with a child who has diagnosed anxiety disorders at 8 years old (updated to ADHD & ASD).

It was during my Life and Relationship Systems Coaching Training that I finally learned how dysfunctional relationship patterns are created, AND how to untangle and heal from them. I took ownership of my pain rather than throwing it back at my parents and realized I was both part of the problem and the solution.

As I healed myself, I implemented tools that once felt complicated and awkward, becoming a healthy parent with a new level of awareness and skills. My relationship with our boys became easier and less frustrating with less need for consequences.

Our boys are now compassionate young men who lead with strong values. They’re confident in their abilities and supported with healthy friendships. They’re certainly not perfect, yet they take responsibility for their actions and clearly and respectfully communicate their thoughts and feelings. I’m proud of them and the relationships we’ve created.

Today, I’ve become a trusted guest expert for numerous publications and podcasts, including Breakfast Television Toronto, ABC Nightly News, What She Said Talk Radio, the New York Post online and most recently, The Rachael Ray Show.

I call on my experience, knowledge and education to empower families to effectively communicate and connect in healthy, lasting relationships without the emotional pain, conflict and trauma.

This process has been successful with so many parents over the last 16 years, and I know it can work for you too.

Do the work.

Get results.


The Empowered Parent Program comes with a 30-day, no risk guarantee.

That means you after 30 days, if you’re not satisfied with the program for any reason, contact my team and we’ll issue you a prompt refund.

All I ask is that you do the work to get results. To avoid the tire kickers are want a quick fix without doing any work, just submit any 3 module worksheets filled out with your refund request and we’ll get it taken care of quickly.

No questions or interrogations, I guarantee it.

But look, the only reason I stand behind this program is because I used it on my own teens and with thousands of other parents so I know it works! I believe in you and you don’t need to aim for perfect, aim for connection.

Lacey S.

Somewhere along the line I got off track with my daughter. My daughter was falling fast into a dark place – sneaking out, lying, pot smoking, police waking me in the night, and a laundry list of poor decisions.

She was crying out for love and attention to escape the pain and had lost herself.

Then I remembered being 15, feeling misunderstood by the world. Everyone was focussing on the bad and how I’d fail so I started hiding from even my closest friends, numbing from life. I was telling my daughter who NOT to be, rather than encouraging her to find herself.

That day I changed. 

I looked hard inside myself to heal my wounds and not hold them over my daughter’s head. I saw her self-destructive behaviour as a cry for help, not defiance against me. She needed me to show compassion and empathy with boundaries, not be the judge, jury, and authority figure constantly comparing her life to mine. 

She looked at me the first few times like I was an alien!!

The change didn’t happen overnight. She still lied and hid things but when I approached her with empathy, respect, making an effort to understand instead of reacting she started to open up.

Fast forward 7 months – my daughter comes to me daily, asking me questions about what she’s feeling or thinking or situations. We have respectful boundaries with each other and take a break rather than letting conflict grow.

I’m so grateful for that day I started using the tools to help understand and connect with my teen.”

Want to know what Lacey’s daughter thinks?

(She personally thanked me during a Live session!)

“In the beginning when everything happened I felt unwanted, like I had to hide from life and wasn’t allowed an opinion on anything. I thought it was all my mom’s fault and in retrospect it wasn’t. We’ve both worked on so much and I feel so welcomed in our home. I’m very happy everything has changed because we’d probably have no relationship if she hadn’t told me she was trying to communicate and do things differently.”


My 12yo son recently got a changed diagnosis from MDD (major depressive disorder) and GAD (generalized anxiety) to BPD (bipolar personality disorder) with severe display of aggression/rage. He was avoiding school for months, not leaving his room, with regular anger and rage attacks directed initially at himself, then against family members. He had a video game addiction, was on the edge of suicidal and I was close to calling the police, twice. This was a new low in my life.

I was parenting with fear and anxiousness, wanting a certain outcome, and if that doesn’t happen, I felt like a failure…

The past months in The Empowered Parent Mastermind had prepared us to take advantage of changes and we had positive structures ready to catch my son.

9 months later, I’m slowly getting my son back (he was hiding in his bedroom for 6+ months ; could not even come out for mealtime)! He met with friends, started an exercise regime and said, in a half joking and half serious way, “I have to get my act together.”

I learned that connection is critical. With connection he trusted me enough to GO to the psychiatrist, to TAKE the medication. I learned to generate an environment where he’s engaged, feels welcome and gets positive feedback and to create a village around me with the right people. I simply cannot do it by myself.

We’ve improved our connections dramatically by following Aly’s program, openly discussing his mental health, and setting goals. We have open conversations and he sees a psychiatrist and a therapist, and he finds both helpful and learned to calm himself.  

Before going through Aly’s program, my son and I could absolutely NOT communicate. Now we talk every day, even on very bad days.

In 60 days you’ll be enjoying a more peaceful household where your teen willingly opens up and you feel confident about how to respond so you both feel more respected. choose your plan NOW!

Payments plans as low as

Empowered Parent Program
$ 74
with 12 Monthly Payments
  • 8 transformational, online modules
  • Workbooks with guided exercises
  • 24/7 lifetime access to content & resources
  • Communication flashcards & tools
  • 4 month access to private community with daily support
  • 8 LIVE Facebook Q&A's

Pay in Full

Empowered Parent Program
$ 897 1 Payment
  • 8 transformational, online modules
  • Workbooks with guided exercises
  • 24/7 lifetime access to content & resources
  • Communication flashcards & tools
  • 4 month access to private community with daily support
  • 8 LIVE Facebook Q&A's

Look, after going through decades of therapy and personal development, including an ADHD diagnosis, to sort my own sh!t, I thought parenting my sons would be easy peazy. Guess what? It wasn’t.

Not only that, my oldest struggled emotionally and socially early on which escalated even with expert assessments and referrals to resource professionals who had no idea how to truly connect with him and be part of a solution. Little did we know he would later be diagnosed with ADHD and ASD.

I was working full-time, running the home with my husband away for long periods of time while trying not to neglect my youngest son, ended up exhausted and paying thousands to recover from adrenal fatigue not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES!

I was tired of the ‘trial and error’ method and decided to find my own answers and proven strategies that worked for both of my sons’ unique brains to lower my stress and empower all of us to communicate more effectively and respectfully.

Fast forward to the pandemic and my in-person business disappeared, but my phone started ringing off the hook as I spent hours every day talking frustrated and stressed out parents off a ledge. All that together time and trying to homeschool their teens only AMPLIFIED the disconnection in their relationship and dramatically INCREASED the stress in their house.

Taking everything I’d tested with my son’s and learned in my training and certifications that I’d already been sharing with parents of teens for the past 14 years, I created my online course, The Empowered Parent Program.

This is NOT just a course about relationships. This is a comprehensive program that will completely transform your relationship with your teen. More calm. More communication. More connection.

I’ve seen the powerful transformation my program has had with thousands of parents and their relationships with their teens, and you’re next.

Katina’s Story:

Before the pandemic, Katina’s son was a fun-loving, athletic fifteen year old who did well in school and was very involved in his soccer club. When Covid hit his soccer club was cancelled and he was getting involved with a group of friends who were less than desirable.

Her son started lying, sneaking out, and using weed as a way to cope with his emotions. Katina tried everything she knew: discipline, punishment, taking away privileges, lectures, begging, threats, ultimatums… The situation continued to get worse.

One year ago Katina enrolled in my 8-week Empowered Parent Mastermind program. She uncovered generational parenting beliefs that were fueling negative patterns, and learned to understand her son’s emotional needs without losing herself in the process.
Four months later, her son was back to playing soccer, no longer lying or sneaking out, and had lowered his use of marijuana. They were developing more open, honest conversations and he was even hugging her in front of his friends!

Six months later they hit a bump in the road and she found marijuana in his room again. But this time, she confronted him in a way with low conflict and no drama. Although he was angry and silent at first, Katina held her ground and he came to her three days later and he told her he wanted to quit.

Ten months later, her son approached her and said he saw his friends as a negative influence he no longer wanted to be part of. His grades were back up and he was continuing to excel at soccer.


Who is the best fit for The Empowered Parent Program?

The parents who benefit the most are:

  • Caring parents who are longing for more authentic, honest conversations to connect with their teen while still being ‘the parent’
  • Committed parents who are willing to try new things and know that change is a process, not a quick fix
  • Compassionate parents who want their teen to be happy and succeed in life knowing it takes more than hope and a dream
  • Courageous parents who understand their teen is growing up in a new era and setting them up for success is going to look differently than when they were young

If you fit one of the profiles above, then this program is perfect for you.

When can I access the program?

Right after you register, your welcome email will arrive with a link and instruction video to create your personal login. The 8, online modules are available via my website to access on any device FOR LIFE, whenever you need them. Because the teen years have highs and lows and you want to feel equipped for whatever they throw your way.

Each module contains an instruction video, downloadable worksheets, and quick resources to help you quickly create positive shifts that last.

Can I download the modules?

No, you’ll have access anywhere you have internet or Wi-Fi using any device – smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop.

What makes this program different from all the others out there?

I was your teen. I lied, snuck out, drank, partied, then gave up on school and eventually on myself. Through decades of therapy, healing, and training, I learned research-based tools and strategies to break the cycle and completely change my relationship with my sons. This isn’t theory or fluff. I’m sharing what I desperately wanted and needed as a teen, the frustration and heartbreak I felt as a parent of teens and the transformation that’s possible in your relationship.

How is this different from individual coaching sessions?

Individual coaching sessions are more fluid with less beginning and end. The Empowered Parent Program gives you instant access to 8, online modules with science-backed insight on specific topics most commonly undermining your relationship with your teen. The program uses my proven process to create positive shifts right from the beginning and continue to build during your time in the private community, and beyond.

What if my teen is using substances?

I’m NOT an addiction specialist which is why I’ve included my webinar with an expert, Rand Teed, as a fact acting bonus.

Here’s what I will say, I work with many parents whose teen are or have been turning to substances to cope. My 3-step framework and proven program are based on the science of connection as the number one tool to get your teen back and on the right track so parents who’ve taken my programs have achieved those results with their teens. It wasn’t because we were addressing substance use as a behaviour, it’s because we were working with the underlying emotions and needs that created the behaviour.

I’m not trained to deal with any active addictions. This program and my work is a great compliment to other qualified, professional support.

Do you offer one-on-one programs?

No, I only offer coaching in group programs like this.

Is this covered by insurance programs?

No, professional coaches are not covered under insurance programs.

Can I do the program in any order seeing I get access to all of it at once?

You can, specifically if you want to watch the fast-acting bonuses first. However, the program is written in a way where each module and the learning in it supports the next module so I recommend going through the 8 modules in order and fill in the worksheets to get the most out of them.

Do I have to have Facebook for the course?

No. The course modules are online. If you would like the daily support and 4 LIVE’s with me, then you will need a Facebook account.

Can my partner or co-parent take the program too?

Absolutely! I highly encourage both parents (co-parents) to participate as a team in this process. You’ll both use the same login to access the online modules and you can both have personal Facebook profiles in the private community to share challenges, ask questions and share your wins. Just reply to your welcome email with your partner’s name and Facebook username so we can approve their request to join.

What if my teen is struggling with ADHD?

I have ADHD and struggle as a teen even though I wasn’t diagnosed until adulthood. My oldest also had ADHD and ASD so although I’m not an expert in ADHD, I have years of personal experience, parenting trials and research to share in what worked and what didn’t if this is a path you’re walking with your teen.

What if my teen is already seeing a therapist?

This is exactly why I stopped working with teens almost 15 years ago and started working with parents of those teens. Research shows that the home environment makes the biggest difference in your teen’s mental and emotional health, and therefore your experience of your relationship with them, and you, the adult, set the tone and culture in your home. That doesn’t make this situation your FAULT!! It means you’re a big part of the solution to getting to where you both want to be.

If your teen is already seeing a therapist, GREAT!

What I know for sure is that’s only part of the solution and empowering you with proven tools to create the other part vastly increases the chances of success for your teen and your relationship with them. Your teen can’t do this alone, and you don’t need to either.

Plus, therapists don’t have a money back guarantee, and the benefits of what you learn in my program last a lifetime for the same cost or less than a therapist for 6 months

When are the 8 LIVE Q&A sessions? What if I can’t make it?

They are in the private community you get access to as soon as you enroll. They dates are always posted under the Featured Section at the top of the Facebook group so you’ll know well in advance. There’ll be a post the day before each Q&A session to remind you so you can post your questions in advance. You’re welcome to ask your questions LIVE, it just helps me be as prepared as possible with my answers if I know at least a few hours before.

It’s ok if you can’t make the Q&A session LIVE because each one is recorded and stays in the Facebook group forever so you can watch it when it works for you and still get your answers.

Plus, you’ll see previous LIVE Q&A sessions if you scroll back in the group so there’s lots of ways to get your answers, including the daily support.

Office hours 11am-noonPT

Is this program the same as your free social media posts? Can’t I just get this information for FREE?

No. The content in The Empowered Parent Program is exclusive and not found anywhere else (training videos, worksheets, transcripts and audio). The resource section may include one or more of my social posts as it relates to that module, along with other specific content.

Where do I find the private community?

My private parenting community is hosted on Facebook and not available on any other platform. You’ll find the link in your welcome email to quickly access this safe, judgement-free space with daily support so you don’t have to do this alone.

Get personalised support to apply the program content to your specific situation and the encouragement of other caring, courageous parents going through similar situations.

How long do I have to finish the program?

You have lifetime access to all the content so there’s no need to rush or stress out about falling behind. Whether you chip away in 15 minutes/day or have weekend binge sessions, you decide what works for you and your schedule. I’ll be supporting you during your time in my private parenting community (you’ll have the option to stay longer if you like).

Lifetime access entitles you to any updates I make to the program at no additional charge.

What if I’m not happy with the program?

No problem, (and no interrogation). The Empowered Parent Program comes with a 30 day, no risk, full money back guarantee (valid from the day of purchase) Just send in any 3 module worksheets with your request, and we’ll promptly issue your refund.